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Lifestyle: The Essentials For The Golfer In You


February 2, 2017

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Golf! It’s the classic sport and no matter if you’re just getting ready to hit the range or you’ve been hitting the links for a long while now, having the right gear is key. Golf is a sport where you’re going to have to be equipped for success, and fun.

Now every sport needs equipment, but golf clubs are a necessity as a helmet is for football. What’s the best gear for the course? It’s up to you! Let’s take a look at the best gear for the golfer in you!

Firstly, it’s the clubs. Now, you won’t need to remortgage your house to get started in golf. Concentrate on finding the clubs that will be right for you at minimal expense. Once you’ve built your skills, you can then buy better clubs at a higher cost! You don’t need loads of clubs to start off, just start with the bare minimum and work from there. See it as building a collection.

But what do you need now? Balls! Every golfer has to have golf balls! You absolutely can’t play the sport without the balls. Also – make sure to have some worn out ball in your golf pack as these are perfect for practicing your swing. Keep the damaged and old balls on you – and don’t forget the tees! You can’t play golf without tees! Check out some gear at Golf Gear Geeks.

You can usually get a scoreboard and rule book from the clubhouse before you head out and you won’t usually need them – but you can carry them anyway. Better than being stuck without, right?

Of course – the weather can change at anytime, and you can be caught out down on the course. Rain gear – coats and trousers that are waterproof are perfect to keep in your pack for those moments when the clouds open up.

Also, a towel is a great idea for when it gets wet so you can dry your clubs off!

An umbrella can also keep you covered from the rain. Always remember that you need to protect yourself from the sun as well. Wear a hat to keep your head protected and of course, make sure to apply sun cream often on the hot days where the sun is burning away.

Of course, keep yourself hydrated when golfing is extremely important – you can be miles away from water at points, so keep a few bottles on you. Food is always a good idea as well, so maybe pack some sandwiches before you head out? One more thing – a first aid kit is good for the minor bumps and bruises one can pick up at the course.

Well, that’s everything! Once your pack is full with all of this, there is no golf course on earth that can trouble you! Collect your clubs, keep your balls and of course – look after yourself in rain and shine and you’ll enjoy golf everytime!

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