If you’re a university student, there’s a strong chance you’ve had moments where you doubted yourself. Doubted whether college was the right decision, whether you were healthy, whether the long hours in the library are really worth the energy you’re spending on them. After all, you’ve been sacrificing some of the best parts of a healthy lifestyle for them, and you’re getting a bit sick of it…

Your mental health is quite possibly the most important part of your body you’re going to need to take care of, and because of that, you absolutely need a good balance between studying for a dream career and being able to live a good life alongside it. So here’s a couple of tips for making sure you’re doing the right thing to conserve your good health and good grades at the same time.

Start Scheduling

If you don’t have a schedule, you’re immediately going to be at a loss. Time management is always what can get you stuck in a hole, so it’s the first thing to work on before you try anything else. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think when you let yourself have 5 or 10 minutes to draw out a timetable you can learn to follow to a tee.

First thing to decide: do assignments as soon as you get them. This makes sure they’re out of the way, that your best energy is used on them, and that you’re not rushing and panicking at the last minute. If you’ve got more than one to get in, see how the rest of the semester is planned out and follow accordingly; it makes delegation a lot easier when you have a goal in mind.

Make Sure You’re Online

Being online when you’re studying is going to be a great break for making sure you’ve got all the best resources at your fingertips. You can easily reach other people and their resources as well, in a matter of moments in fact. Not to mention you can open up a Google Doc in the middle of lecture, invite everyone in the class onto it, and then all add your own notes in one master document.

And then there’s online courses for either supplementing your college course, or even as a great alternative to it. To name a good example, there’s even programs out there for an online criminal justice degree! You can invest in the same way you would on a college campus, but have an easier way to study on your side. Keep everything in the cloud that you can easily scan through when you need something, and then stick that all on a memory stick to carry wherever. It’s a lot lighter!

It’s time to get that balance you’ve always desperately wanted from your college life. So many people are in a bad position when it comes to juggling studying and living your life at the same time, so make sure you’re making a difference in this walk of life.

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