You understand that mental health is important. If your mental health isn’t optimal, your behavior and thinking patterns will be adversely affected – and this can become the reason why you’ll lose relationships and underperform at school at work.

Along with the efforts you’re doing right now to take care of your mental health, you should also be aware of the hidden signs of mental health problems. When you’re informed about this matter, it’ll be easier for you to determine when and how to seek professional help.

The earlier you determine you have mental health problems, the easier it’ll be for treatments to work for you. To drive the point home, here are some of the hidden signs of mental health problems that people ignore:

1. You have a hard time concentrating: When you have a mental health problem, it’ll be difficult for you to concentrate. Your mind will be wandering on different things and you won’t be able to complete tasks regardless of how simple these are. This could be the reason why you’ll have issues with decision-making and punctuality at school or work.

2. You’re removing yourself from social situations: Every weekend for the past months, you always meet up with your friends to have drinks and have fun. But recently, you noticed that you no longer have the energy and interest to do all of these. You see yourself cancelling appointments with them, and you end up spending time alone at home. If you’re guilty in situations like these, listen to your mind. Social withdrawal and losing interest with the activities you used to love are telltale signs that you have a mental health problem.

3. You have trouble sleeping: Assess how you sleep every night. Are there changes to your sleeping patterns? Do you sleep more or less than the usual? Answering yes to these questions might mean that you’re living with a mental health problem. When you have depression, you tend to feel exhausted all the time and sleep can be your avenue to be relieved from the tension. Instead of sleeping for eight hours every night, you might end up sleeping for ten and still feel tired afterwards.

4. You feel removed and numb from situations: Mental health problems come in different types. When you have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you might feel like you’re removed from reality. You’ll have a hard time connecting to your surroundings and the people around you. A common example of this is when you find it difficult to keep up with what your bosses are telling you during a meeting. Sure, you might be physically present but your mind is drifting elsewhere.

5. Your mood changes drastically: Everyone is entitled to feel different emotions. This is a fact but when everything and everyone around you irritates you easily, take note. Drastic mood changes especially without any valid reason, is a clear sign that you have a mental health problem. This is especially true when you, yourself can’t understand the reason for your mood swings.

If you see yourself guilty in any of the situations listed above, you should seek professional help right away. Endeavour Wellness, for example, offers counseling services which can aid in treating your mental health problems.

In Conclusion: Your mental health is essential in all aspects of your life. Regardless if you’re a child, teen or an adult, your behavior and decisions in life are influenced by your mental health. You can’t expect to come up with sound decisions when you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, right?

Take note of the information presented in this article, assess yourself and once you ticked any of these signs, ask help as soon as possible. Everything in the process might seem new and challenging to you, but if it’s for your mental health, you should be willing to make changes.

Author’s Bio: Joel Curtis is a registered Psychologists with Endeavour Wellness and has over 17 years of experience. Joel holds a Masters’ Degree in Psychology from Western Sydney University. Joel owns a number of private practices in Sydney and provides expert content for several national TV and Radio programs.

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