What is a sport to you? It could be football, baseball or hockey – an incredibly tough physical game.

It could be golf, darts or anything else that tests the mind. It could be something where the human body is pushed to the limit, or it could be something where engineering is pushed to the limit. If you want to enjoy the latter, look no further than motorsport – where human abilities bind with metal machines to create awe-inspiring moments of speed and ability.

Motorsport is one of the most exciting things on the planet. Almost everyone loves a bit of motorsport – especially racing. The people more make cars don’t stop talking about it, companies are always plastered over the cars, and everyone loves speed.

Motorsport and Racing will always be part of the conversation regarding cars and the culture surrounding them. A blend of technology and sport, there is more than meets the eye with Racing and Motorsport.

The most famous racing event in the world spans almost the entire globe. The Formula One season consists of several Grand Prix that take place in locations that take in the regal surroundings of Great Britain, to the decadence of Monaco.

With billions being plowed into the sport, cars that can hit speeds of 200 MPH in an instant, sporting rivalries, incredible legends and amazing stories – Formula One is the circle of heroes. Formula One is one of the most tightly governed sports in the world, with each team pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a specific set of guidelines.

Where Formula One is strict, NASCAR is outrageous. It’s criminal background that evolved into a sport (naughty thieves would modify their cars to blow the cops away in terms of speed), NASCAR is one of the biggest sports in the entirety of North America.

It’s loud, fast and proud and it does not care who knows.

NASCAR is all about power, from the huge V8 engines that live under the hood to the booming exhausts. With hugely modified versions of Fords, Chevies and other ‘street’ brands of car, it can be easy to get confused – but you won’t find these cars outside of NASCAR, let alone a car dealership!

NASCAR cars are built for pure power and don’t pay regard to handling nor aerodynamics which can result in some incredible collisions as well as some nail-biting chases. If Formula One is holding your cars back, NASCAR lets them rip.

Of course, there are a bunch of other events. From the crazy Monster Energy trucks at the Monster Jam which sees Monster Trucks perform impressive feats right through to the Le Mans 24/7 which forces drivers to be at their best throughout a full day of racing – there are always options in motorsport.

You don’t even need to stick to the cars or trucks – you can find all sorts of motocross and ATV events as well as speedway racing.

If you’re looking for a sport that pushes the boundaries – look no further than Racing and Motorsport which has a lot to offer fans and viewers from speed to spectacle.

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