If you’ve resolved yourself and willing to read this post about self-improvement, then congratulations! You have already taken that big step that will direct you to the level of success, you wish to reach. There could be plenty of reasons for one to want to grow, and if you have identified your goals, then the process will only get much easy.

Sure, you may not have figured out yet the right things you need to do, but we are here to help you out.

With just a little determination and attitude, you could go a long way. You’ll be surprised to see how easily we can adapt to changes.

So shall we begin our journey to improvement?

1. Time is Money

As common as this phrase may seem, the value of time is undeniable. Your first step to self-improvement should begin with observing where you spend your time the most and the least. Does reading a book take you much more time than others, and you end up neglecting the joy of reading? Learn to speed-read, and you’ll be amazed at how many books you could finish reading within a month. Are you not giving proper attention to your health? Allocate time for sleeping, proper eating and grooming yourself.

2. Earn time by waking up early

Connecting back to the first point, the earlier you wake up, the more time you get for yourself. Give up on that ‘binge-watching till midnight’ habit and go to bed at a decent hour. Look for the right sleeping cycles to ensure you don’t wake up feeling tired and groggy. Make a checklist of things to do – even on weekends. If you have nothing important to do in the morning, you can allocate that time to do some light exercise to keep yourself healthy, read a book or maybe catch up on recent events with friends and family.

3. The essential To-do list

Prepare the list the night before so you can schedule and plan out your tasks for the next day and allocate the proper time for each task. If you happen to save some time from other tasks, utilize those extra time to something productive or just to meditate. Remember, planning is the key to save time and organize your life.

4. Connect to your inner self

Do you even realize how important it is to listen to yourself? Your body constantly tells you many things and show signs when something is amiss. Learn to interpret the language and grow a healthy relationship with your body. Meditating, yoga and other breathing exercises can help you connect with your inner self.

5. Time to move your lazy bones

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Then you probably also have realized how important it is to implement the habit of regular exercise. Even if it’s just a brisk walk in the park with your dog, you need to do that no matter what. Being active will not only keep you healthy but help you gain additional energy to do more work.


6. You really, really need water

Water is life, and we can’t survive without it. We are made up of water, our brain and body need water much more than we could imagine. Get into the habit, and your body will thank you later. Water also acts as a cleansing agent and will help get rid of impurities in your body.

7. Time to be a reader

You need to read every day, doesn’t matter what. Reading opens up your mind and gives you a wider perspective. Brains feed on information and without it they become dull. Keep your brain muscles healthy, and your perspectives refreshed every day.

8. The era of self-education

Everyone’s taking advantage of Google, then why shouldn’t you? Books are also excellent guides to learn new skills. There are many online sites where you can learn different skills – even professional ones. Look up for new things to learn and then make a list of which interests you most.

9. Language for freedom

Did you know, the more languages you know, the better form of expression you instill in yourself? New opportunities come your way when there’s less language barrier. Loved a new Spanish song? Take inspiration and make new amigos.

10. Tradable skills

Whatever you have interest in, be the best at it and sell your skill. That’s how you make money. If not, go back to point 8. There are countless marketers, coders, and agents out there who only learned online but have successful careers. Yes, there’s hope.

11. Go out of your comfort zone


Success begins right outside of your comfort level. You never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t try. So try a little harder, reach a little higher and aim for the peak. There is no point being average.

12. Write as much as you read

Both reading and writing go hand in hand. Start writing a journal – let your brain get a space to dump those random endless thoughts. Similarly, creative arts and crafts will also help you relax and reset your brain.

13. Say bye to addiction

Addiction comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. The phone in your hand includes as well. Challenge yourself to use less social media and save more time. Quit smoking; stop getting drunk and move on to healthier habits.

14. The 30- day challenge

According to psychologists, every habit takes four weeks to make or break. Do it for 30 days and see the change yourself. There are many 30-day challenges that will help you build up some really good habits.

15. Throw the TV away

Well, not literally. However, you need to realize how time-consuming televisions and subscriptions are. You will not gain any real-life value from binge watching television shows.

16. Let go of the past

Leave the past behind. Holding onto it will do you no good. Learn from past experiences, cherish good memories and move forward toward the future.

17. Remove toxic stuff from life

Be it people, relations or addictions. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, it will only hold you back.

18. Conquer your fears

Never let the fear of striking out keep you away from playing the game. Staying in a “what if” phase is worse than failing. If you don’t try to move forward, then you’ll always stay average and in doubt.

19. Accept yourself

Growth also means knowing your flaws and working on them. But first, learn to accept who you are and what are the factors that make you, you.

20. Explore new hobbies

It could be anything from playing cello to go trekking in the wilderness. Just know it will contribute to your growth. It will also expand your horizons.

21. Be inspired by others

There are many who have succeeded in achieving their dreams. Reach out to them, learn from their experience – you’ll be surprised at how willing they are to help you.

22. Travel more often

Travelling opens up a world of new experiences. Make friends beyond border who have so much to share with you.

23. Minimalism

Having possession of things that you use and need the most while remaining loyal to them is an art in itself – the best part of minimalism? It saves money and time.

24. Declutter your mess

Decluttering helps you feel more organized. Ask yourself if you need that dress or could it be donated to someone in need. Staying messy will always bring confusion to your life.

25. Practice compassion

Be kind & helpful to others for no reason at all. Spreading positivity will keep you happy in return. It will also bring a sense of satisfaction from helping someone in need.

26. Learn about finance

Managing your money is a skill itself, and the better you’re at it, the more confident you’ll feel about your expenses. Invest money when you can and don’t take loans.

27. Look for feedback

The only form to grow is to learn from mistakes. Then research ways to improve. You’re not expected to be best and flawless at everything. But, you have to give your best.

28. Public Speaking

Stage fright is a common issue among most of us, and the goal is to overcome the fear of expressing yourself. Practice in front of a mirror.

29. Leadership skills

It’s an essential skill to have no matter which career you choose. Be an inspiring leader and do well by your followers.

30. Show gratitude

Allocate some time out of your schedule to be thankful for what you have. Saying “Thank you” will also make the other person happy. However, don’t say empty words – mean what you say.

31. Be the initiator

Start a new business venture; stand by the people who are wronged. Try to bring a little change you wish to see around you.

32. Get a coach

Taking guidance from someone who knows better than you can act as a valuable asset to your life. Learn from their experiences.

33. Slow down

If you’re going too fast or too busy to do anything else from work, you need a break. Life is about balancing everything. If youcan’t balance your work and life, you’re alienating the people close to you.

34. Don’t be too kind

“You’re not a pizza; you can’t please everyone.” Ok maybe you don’t like pizza, but you get the point.

35. Practice saying No

A common but important lesson to learn: Don’t become the “yes-man/woman”. But also don’t begin rejecting everything you see around you.

36. Be inspired everyday

Listen to podcasts instead of songs, watch TED talks or other inspirational videos on YouTube or read helpful forums online. Be inspired by the people who are doing good, so that in turn, you can inspire the people around you.

37. Contribute and get involved

Be there for your community, volunteer for organizations that help others, join a club and expand your horizons.

38. Deal with the difficult ones

Be it people or problems; you need to face the music only for your good. Being able to persuade and get along certain people will open the door to success.

39. Learn hacks

It’s your cheat code to doing things the easily and smartly. Plenty of resources are out there to make your life better.

40. Set out a long-term goal

The goal could be for the near future or where you would like to see yourself ten years from now. Write down the steps you need to take and stick to the plan, but also try being a little versatile.

41. Secure yourself

Learn how cyber crimes work, use powerful and tricky passwords for sensitive information, if it’s too good to be true, then it’s not true. Use your sixth sense, please.

42. Compete with yourself

If you cannot tell the difference between the person, you were last year, and now, then you need to change. Be better than you were yesterday.

In Conclusion

Pat yourself in the back if you have taken the time to go through each point we have stated in this article. But don’t be too happy yet. Without implementing these points in your life, there’s only any chance to expect improvement in yourself.

Your determination and growth mentality will be the catalyst in this self-improvement process regardless of any age or gender differences.

Keep in mind; it’s never too late to turn around your life. All you have to do is start.

About the Author: This article was contributed by Danial Zaman on behalf of FeedFond. He loves writing inspirational stories, life hacks, and good parenting. Check out more of his works at FeedFond.com

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