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Living: Few Maintenance Tips from Any Reputed Roller Guide Manufacturer


February 23, 2017

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By Zac Ferry

The roller guides are extremely useful in many domestic and commercial purposes, due to their smoothness and faster pace in operations; without creating any noise and lasting for many years.

These beneficial machinery components are conveniently used in manufacturing furniture pieces, like sliding drawers and CNC tables; as well as applied in the latest robotic engineering. Hence, the function of a roller guide manufacturer is highly acclaimed by major manufacturing industries.

Different Maintenance Techniques Suggested by Roller Guide Manufacturer

  • Regular Cleaning: Like all machineries, the roller guides also need to be cleaned regularly, to keep them free from dust and other unwanted particles that may accumulate within the rollers and hinder their easy operations. Mostly, it is best to wipe off with a damp cloth and then dry off the rollers with a clean duster, to bring the rollers in fresh condition again. The roller machines can be affected by humidity level and huge amount of moisture can be deposited on these rollers. So you need to keep them clan all time and try to hire some professional to maintain the rollers.
  • Disassemble the Rollers: According to every roller guide manufacturer, the rollers should be disassembled periodically, to clean off all the individual components of this machinery, including each of the small screws. The large-sized rollers can be dismantled after a period of 1-2 years, while the smaller ones can be disassembled and cleaned more frequently. Each part of the roller should be cleaned separately and lubricated with a special waterproof grease, to remove all kinds of dirt and unwanted substances from the machinery surfaces.
  • Avoidance of Lubricants: Though the use of lubricants is common for keeping the machines in perfect functional conditions; it is advised by the manufacturers not to apply any watery lubricant or lubricant spray over the roller guides, as it may make them extra slippery and create faults in the normal functions of these rollers.

Tips for Buying the Best Roller Guides from the Market

  • Buy Roller Guides only from Branded Companies: It is always wise to buy the roller guides from the branded manufacturers, who have vast reputation in the market, because the clients can be assured of good quality and prompt after sales service from the branded companies only. If poor quality rollers are used in any machine, there are risks of accidents and damage of the whole machine. However, the manufacturers, who have many years of experience in selling all kinds of roller guides, can be expected to be sincere about the quality of their products.
  • Can Buy Rollers Launched by Subsidiary Brands: If the lesser known brand is a subsidiary of an established brand, then it is safe to buy roller guides from this manufacturer, as the factory is supposed to be controlled by the same team of engineers, as the reputed brand. In this regards you can search them online and you can also compare their price range according to their features. Then choose the best one according to your budget.
  • Do Research to Find the Best Brand: It is better not to rely totally on the suggestions of the shopkeepers and do some research on the qualities of the roller guides that are offered by various manufacturers. Nowadays, the online presence of all manufacturers has made it easier for the clients to find the right thing for fulfilling their requirements.

The best way is to check the website of each brand and find out about the qualities of their products, satisfactory level of their previous clients from their reviews posted on the websites and the duration of guarantee period offered by each manufacturer.

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