In most universities in the United States, there are some procedures that will be used to determine the students that will be admitted. The criteria will include previous course work, standardized tests, and admission essays. There are colleges that will require you to go through all the three before you can get admission. Going to college is going to be exciting and you need to be adequately prepared to ensure that you’re getting into the school of your dreams.  This guide will come in handy if you’re planning your admission essay.

The Planning Process

The first thing you will need to do is to understand the psychology of the admission board. You want to know what they desire in a candidate so that you can model your essay around those considerations. The admission board will generally be looking for a student who is keen to succeed in the new learning environment. They also want to contribute to the building of knowledge in the institution while also helping other students in the process. That is why it is important that you portray yourself as a person who can comfortably live up to such expectations.

Determine the Essay Goals

Once you’ve laid down the framework, it is important that you determine what you intend to achieve with the essay. This should be fairly easy provided you have something in mind that is bound to intrigue the admission board. You will need to look at the strength of your home culture and what makes you unique from the rest of the applicants.

Getting persuasive essay topics shouldn’t be that much of a challenge provided you have a story to tell. You can check out samples of admission essays so that you have a rough idea of how to go about the writing process. Don’t deviate too much from your academic work because the admission board will also be interested in that bit too. The essay will be an opportunity to reflect on other aspects of your work that are related to the pre-college course work.

Stand Out From Other Applicants

Distinguishing yourself from other students shouldn’t be that much of a challenge since you will be telling your own story. The key is to make it interesting and unique so that the admission board will want to know you in person.  You’re more than a student to the university and you should be able to demonstrate this in the admission essay.

Make the University Better

One of the reasons why a university will want to have you as a student is because there is the potential of contributing to the educational experience. They will want to know how you can contribute to the learning experience in the school. This can be a tricky question to answer since you will be coming fresh from high school with no working knowledge of how colleges work. If you’re coming from another state or country, you will be offering other students cultural diversity. They get to learn about new cultures. One or two sentences in your essay should be able to drive the point home.

Understand the Essay

Before you can start working on your essay, you need to understand what is expected of you. You might have a lot of ideas but you don’t have the space and time for all of them. You will need to consolidate them into points. You can just highlight the main ones following the structure that you’ve put in place for the essay. Answering the prompt will seem obvious but you need to be careful with answers that you select.

In most instances, the admission essay prompt is not designed to complicate the test, unlike other exams. Just provide simple answers and you will not have to worry a lot. You get the freedom of creativity, which is rare in other forms of essays. You just have to make sure you’re not being carried away when writing the essay.

Writing the Essay

Once everything is in check, you should not experience a lot of challenges when writing the essay. You will have a list of ideas that you’d like to incorporate in the essay to make it more authentic. Make sure that you’re writing with specific details in mind. The admission board will be going through thousands of applications and you don’t want to bore them with your opening statement. The first paragraph should be attention-grabbing which will ensure that the board is going through your essay.

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