Christ Embassy Church, also known as ‘LoveWorld Incorporated’ was founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in 1987. The headquarters of the church are based in Lagos, Nigeria with other several branches all over the world. It all started with humble beginnings as a small prayer group at Ambrose University in Ekpoma Nigeria. This modest prayer group eventually grew to become a global movement, and currently has over 13 million members world-wide.

Over the years, countless prominent church leaders have emerged from Christ Embassy. These members come from diverse and different backgrounds, many of them going on to serve in various parts within the church. Some of them go onto do other things, like music. Many world class musicians have sprouted from Christ Embassy church, and its these talented artists that are behind the massively popular LoveWorld Music Ministry. Here are 13 of the best LoveWorld musical artists.

1. Sinach.

Osinachi Joseph, better known as Sinach is one of the most influential singers from Christ Embassy. She was born in Ebonyi State, Eastern Nigeria. Sinach is responsible for making the hit songs; ‘Way Maker’, ‘I know who I am’, ‘the name of Jesus’ and many more. Sinach has wanted to sing to large audiences for as long as she can remember and was singing as a hobby until she joined the Christ Embassy choir, there, she continued as a worship leader singing at all the church services. In her music career, she was the first recipient of LIMA awards for Songwriter of the Decade Award, she also received the African Achievers Award for Global excellence. Sinach believes in writing songs from her heart and has written over 500 songs that have ministered to millions.

2. Frank Edwards.

Frank is a Nigerian contemporary Christian singer–songwriter and recording artist from Enugu state. He is the owner and founder of the recording label called Rock town records. Frank started singing at the age of ten and learned the piano from his father. He is a member and keyboardist of the presidential band of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in Christ Embassy. Frank has created six albums, as well as many hit singles. He has also produced music for different artists.

3. Eben- Emmanuel Benjamin

Eben is a protégé of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the founder of the record label, Hammer House of Rock. He started singing at a young age the choir of Winners chapel. A few years later, in a 2006, he became a member of Christ Embassy. Inspired by his brother, Eben began to pursue a rap career. After some success, Eben, under the guidance of the church, slowly started to find his way into gospel music. This was when his career truly started to flourish. Since then, the young artist has won multiple awards, some of them including, The Best West Africa award at the Africa Gospel Music Awards and as well as The Album of the year at the Crystal Awards.

4. Jahdiel.

Grace Jahdiel okoduwa is a contemporary Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, and vocalist. She sings under the LoveWorld Records of Christ Embassy. Jahdiel started singing at the age of five when she joined her church’s choir. At the age of thirteen, she learned to play the piano and keyboard. Jahdiel’s music style is an infusion of rock, English and Afrocentric pop. She was listed as one of the most influential people in Christian Ministry in Nigeria.

5. Buchi Atuonwu.

Buchi is a Nigerian reggae gospel artist. Before his gospel career, Atuonwu got his start as a DJ in the buzzing nightclub scene of Lagos. During the days, the dynamic artist would also lecture English literature at the University of Lagos. In 1992, Atuonwu gave his life to Jesus in Christ Embassy church. After building a successful career, he won multiple awards including the prestigious AMEN award in the Gospel category, he also won, POMP and TOMA awards for the best artiste, reggae artiste and gospel album of the year.

6. Ada

When Ada was just 10 years old, she was already performing in the all-girls band of Nigerian child star Tosin Jegede. Although she began as a child-star, Ada stopped singing for a quite a few years since then, and only found her way back into music in the middle of her engineering degree. It was there that she joined the Believers Loveworld Campus Fellowship and began singing in the choir. Her impressive vocal talents ultimately launched her into international stardom. In 2017 she released her third studio album titled Future Now and on the very same day claimed no.1 spot on iTunes Nigeria.

7. Chris Shalom.

Chris shalom, who was dubbed the ‘man with a golden voice’ by Pastor Chris. Shalom is one of the front-line worship leaders of Christ Embassy and, as a songwriter and music producer, is the voice behind the song My Beautifier, You Are Worthy and In the Name of Jesus. The man certainly lives up to his name as ‘Shalom’ is Hebrew for peace, and his songs always evoke a sense of peace, calm and devotion to the Lord.

8. Joe Praize.

Joseph Omo Ebhodaghe is a gospel singer, praise and worship leader, music director and songwriter. The song ‘Mighty God’ is the hit song that elevated his popularity status. He is the praise and worship leader in Christ Embassy. He has collaborated with singers such as Sinach and has also ministered in several countries. Joe has won awards such as the song of the year award 2010 at the Love World Award with his song ‘Mighty God’.

9. Ikiri Lawrence.

Ikiri is a South African based Nigerian gospel singer, popularly known as ‘Mr. Sweet Song’. His family was full of musical maestros, which might explain how he got his head start in the music industry. Lawrence was involved in a serious car accident in which he was badly hurt. The incident brought him closer to God. As a member of Christ Embassy, he began singing. This inspired him to write the hit song ‘Hands in the Air’. The talented musician began producing and even started his own record label.

10. Israel strong.

This talented singer song writer won the prestigious “Song Writer” of the year in 2015, for the song ‘Life of a Winner’. As a proud gospel ministry winner, he continues to heavily impact and inspire millions with his lyrics. His recent released hit “This Year”, produced by Mayo has been blasting through radio waves ever since dropping.

11. Ayo Vincent.

Ayo Vincent is a pop gospel music artist and a budding songwriter. She started singing in her church choir at the tender age of seven. Ayo has been singing as a praise and worship leader for several years in Christ Embassy church. She is known for her distinct and soul soothing voice Ayo has worked with other artists such as Samsong, Sinach, Femi Jacobs and Hope Davies, just to mention a few. Vincent has taken home awards in, the Best Music Video from the prestigious Crystal Awards 2014 as well as African Gospel Music Awards2014.

12. Samsong.

Born Samson Uche Mogekwu is a contemporary gospel singer and songwriter in Nigeria with a successful recording career and radio hits. Samsong already started to gain popularity as gospel singer in high school, where his buddies gave him the nickname ‘Samsong.’ Samsong scooped up the Pslamist Award in 2000. The artist has had the honour of sharing the stage with some of the world’s most influential singers.

13. Obi Shine.

The multi-talented recording and performing gospel artist serves as a minister in the Love World Music ministry. Obi Shine has released two albums and has several international awards and nominations to showcase his success in the music industry.

Christ Embassy has long been supporting young talent, promoting some of the world’s best talent out there in the gospel industry. on the forefront in supporting their own. This has helped grow a lot of people to be who they are really purposed to be.

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