The PWA enables your customers to view your store without an internet connection, even when the connection is poor. PWAs can also operate in offline mode, which allows your customers to access the store when there is no connection at all. Because PWAs are cached, pages from the store can be accessed offline, and the customer can navigate through the previous pages. To make your store more user-friendly and responsive, you need to integrate ScandiPWA.


ScandiPWA Magento PWA is a powerful front-end app framework developed by the Scandiweb agency in 2018. The app has to React as the front-end app framework and integrates Redux, GraphQL, Docker development environment, and Persisted queries for data sync. It also offers caching layer with 0.020 seconds response time. ScandiPWA also does not need extra middleware or libraries.

It is a PWA theme for Magento that seamlessly integrates PWA features, such as offline mode, push notifications, home screen App save, and Google Play integration. The open-source design of the theme makes it possible for merchants to integrate PWA features into their Magento stores without changing their backend. With ScandiPWA, the new feature-rich shopping experience is just a click away. The theme is a good choice for a variety of eCommerce projects.

Scandi PWA is easier to use and offers more ready-made solutions for common cases. If you’re looking for a solution that will cut development time and costs, Scandi PWA might be the better option. Scandi PWA also offers checkout options, which may be of great use to your eCommerce business. Vue Storefront is an open-source headless solution for multiple eCommerce platforms. For example, the Garten-und-Freizeit store was built using this toolkit.

Razzle JS plugin

There are two major methods for setting up the integration of the Razzle JS plug-in in Magento PWA. The first method involves implementing a custom jQuery extension. The second method involves enabling the plugin in your store. This is the most efficient method since it allows you to choose the router and the route to be used. If you are using Magento PWA, the plugin supports multiple router types.

The next method is to integrate Razzle JS plugin into your Magento PWA. This method can be used in combination with other technologies such as AngularJS. Using the Razzle JS plugin, you can easily set up a PWA on your website. Moreover, it also supports a wide range of coding languages. Razzle JS is one of the most widely used web development tools, so it’s easy to customize your theme with the Razzle JS plugin for Magento PWA.

GraphQL Queries

One of the best ways to accelerate the performance of your PWA is to implement GraphQL queries. GraphQL allows you to use schema to simplify the data retrieval process, reduce network traffic, and avoid unnecessary database calls. These characteristics will help your Magento PWA to load faster, even on slow mobile networks. Here are the advantages of GraphQL. They’ll make your store faster and avoid bugs.

GraphQL queries are critical to Progressive Web Apps. But there are several reasons why they can cause performance degradation. The underlying technology behind GraphQL is the foundation of Progressive Web Apps, and any data traveling between the backend and frontend has to pass through this layer. To ensure maximum performance, make sure your queries use the appropriate syntax. To test whether your Magento PWA is optimized for GraphQL, you can use CodeSandbox.

Offline Support

Offline support for Magento PWA allows users to shop in offline mode without the need for an internet connection. With a service worker, your web app can be used offline and when the user reconnects to the internet, the website will still load. This offline functionality can be beneficial to both customers and businesses. When the user is not online, the service worker caches the content and data. This feature is a powerful feature that can increase your sales.

Offline support for Magento PWA can improve overall website performance by reducing page load time and improving UX. This feature is offered by a progressive feature known as Service Workers, which enables the web application to work offline. This new feature is a great way to keep your web app current even without an internet connection. It can also be used for offline mode, which means that your customers can access your web app without a connection, saving them time and money.


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