In an effort to bring some serious testosterone to this four-time winning digital publication, INSCMagazine is going to present to all the lovely ladies our new Man Crush Monday column. This column will feature the hottest and sexiest men—not boys, but MEN!—from all over the world, as they talk about dating, sex, being a man. You know, guy stuff!

To all the men out there, bro up, and get your game face on, because you got some comp!

Men…let’s face it! There aren’t enough of “us” around anymore.

What I mean by that is, strong, confident, caring and responsible. Also, there aren’t enough manly men who are their for their lovers, families or their significant others. What is a “real man”, is he real?

Does he exist? Is he just something that angry and bitter women utter out when they’re angry at their boyfriends? It sounds as elusive as a unicorn and more mythical than Paul Bunyan, but real men do exist.

While we don’t know if “real men” exist or what they look like, perhaps British fashion model and former MMA fighter, Arron Lowe could serve as a template.

Tall, rugged and a whole lot of handsome, the 30-year-old Manchester-area native and former reality TV alum of the UK version of “Big Brother” is one of the co-founders of the popular adult content creation platform, MyKrush.

A proud and happy vegan convert, Lowe credits his penchant for stripping and being kinky online fetishes for dragging him out of depression, per the Daily Star. And for all of his female fans, as well as MyKrush subscribers, it was a wise choice.

Below is my Q and A with Aaron as we talk about modeling, creating MyKrush, strange fan requests, eating and being a proud vegan, as well as his passion for animal and climate activism.


Man Up!


Name: Arron Lowe

Age: 30

Height: 6’2”

Social Media Links: Twitter: @mrarronlowe | Instagram: @mrarronlowe | My Krush Link:

Where are you from? Salford in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Tell Us A Little About Yourself… I’m a former fashion model and MMA fighter from Manchester and some people may remember me from the British version of reality TV show ‘Big Brother’. I love people and animals, our planet, astronomy and gaming. I’m a typical geek without the geek look.

You are in great shape. What are your top fitness and health tips? Go vegan, that’s my secret! I used to work out at the gym for an hour, three days per week while eating diary, the rotting flesh of animals and avoiding carbs, thinking I had my optimal nutrition on-point, but I realised I had got it all wrong when I watched documentary ‘What The Health’ in 2017.

After watching it, I immediately turned vegan and now follow a plant-based diet including carbs – I’m stronger than ever and my stamina has increased. I can now train between one to three hours per session, five days a week.

I used to suffer with severe migraine attacks almost every two weeks and would throw up several times each time I got one, but since turning vegan, I’ve only had one mild headache in almost three years! The change in my health is incredible and I’m happy knowing I’m helping animals and the planet by being vegan. We are what we eat and my body is a garden of love, not a graveyard full of pain and suffering.

What are your guilty pleasures? My job, haha… I’m an adult content creator and make sexy videos for my admirers. I’m also one of the co-founders of adult platform

I enjoy working because I get to do have lots of fun when I create my own content, plus I also get to help other adult creators make more money and become financially independent via MyKrush.

What are your hobbies? Animal and environmental activism. Spreading the message and speaking up for things that scream aloud in their own way, but get ignored by desensitized and ignorant humans. Not all people are ignorant though, just the ones who wouldn’t eat their own pet, but sit down to eat a pig who is just as smart, sentient and affectionate as their Labradoodle or Persian cat!

Who are your idols, and why? Gary Yourofsky and Elon Musk come to mind first.

Who is the most beautiful woman and most handsome guy in the World? My mum and me, haha. Superman actor Henry Cavill could give me a run for my money in the looks department though, lol. Oh, and I wouldn’t kick Selena Gomez or Jennifer Lopez out of the bed, they are very welcome to join me under the covers any time, haha.

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself? I don’t poop, my little hole is only there to look at and smells sweet like candy floss and jellybeans, vegan ones of course, haha.

How did you get in to adult work and do you enjoy it? I started in 2017 on another adult site because my fiancée encouraged me to do it. She knows I like sex and taking my kit off so figured it would be ideal for me, plus a lot of my friends from reality TV were also doing it to make extra income with ease.

I love it because I enjoy anything to do with showing off and pleasure, as long as it’s consensual and causes no harm. I can also work from home and choose the hours I want to work, which gives me more freedom in life.

In all of your time as an online adult creator, what’s the strangest request you have received from a fan? I don’t think of anything as being strange because everyone has different tastes, fantasies and fetishes and each to their own, I guess!

I once got asked to poop on my camera squatting over it, but of course I declined because as you know, I don’t poop, lol.

A fan once paid me a lot of money to watch them drink a can of Pepsi through one of my sweaty gym socks, they then paid me another time to watch them eat an Oreo cookie filled with my pubic hair in the middle! So there’s someone out there who had my foot sweat and pubes in their gut, lol.

Do others treat you any differently because of your job in the adult entertainment business? No, everyone in my life has meaning and is special to me, they wouldn’t judge me for my job. If you don’t like me and what I do do, then I don’t know you.

People should respect this line of work because it’s one of the oldest professions in history and the most savvy business men, women and LGBTQ+ people work and make a killing in this space, while loving life and being their own bosses.

What are your goals/dreams for the next few years? I‘d love to make the leading site of it’s kind then invest some of the money back in to the adult World and it’s amazing community. While I work towards that, I will always be active in my animal and climate activism, rescuing animals in need and generally saving the World, haha.

If you had to choose one option, what would you choose and why? Be very unattractive and super wealthy – or super handsome but poor forever more? The first one, no matter how you look on the outside you can still be beautiful on the inside and, with all my wealth, I would really be able to help save the World and all the animals in it.

I’m sure some beautiful supermodel with a good heart would look past my ugly face and see my true beauty, then marry me. Or maybe the huge lab grown diamond would be my back-up plan, it’s good to be environmentally friendly always even when wooing the ladies, I say, hahaha.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your life so far? Losing my mum was very tough and still is, I miss her every second of every day and that will be challenging until the day I die. R.I.P my beautiful, loving mum x

Finally, sum yourself up in 5 words…Honest, caring, selfless, compassionate, kinky.

Special thanks to Aaron Lowe and Intrigue Agency for their time and assistance during this Man Crush Monday! column

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