Marketing has been facing the gravest of challenges this year, says Lior Poly who has aced in the marketing and investing realm.

He has been closely observing the trends which are taking place around the marketing industry and gives his views on the subject.

The marketing industry has been facing different challenges of late, as top talent is hard to find, while there are difficulties in finding the right technology for its needs. Whatever the case might be, there’s always a particular zone where you can go to great lengths in improving your marketing and turning it into an effective profit generator. However, the field of marketing is extremely fast-paced, and it’s a task to identify which zones if developed would give better results. Lior Poly, who has been around the marketing industry for quite some time now, feels that the year 2021 will have its own impact and the challenges marketers will face will be distincter than what it was before the pandemic. He gives insight on this subject which will give a clear picture of what 2021 holds for the marketing industry.

So far, according to observations, generating traffic and leads will be the biggest challenge that needs to be tackled. The struggle with generating enough demand after reaching to their potential will get difficult as the competition stiffens. With a large number of platforms to market their products and services, it will become all the more harder to focus which area gives maximum results. To get ahead of this issue, marketers have to create quality content and use effective tools to track the best performing areas which generate more leads and ends in sales closures. Offline as well as online methods which work best need to be utilized for maximum benefits. “An in-depth analysis of your marketing strategy will help you discover where your biggest marketing opportunity lies. This will enable you to focus on improving those areas which need maximum attention, so that you can get on with making your marketing far more effective,” says Poly.

Having spent a considerable amount of time in the marketing industry, Poly has simultaneously aced as an investor who has interests in start-ups and identifies the potential ones to go ahead and take over it to turn it profitable. With a network of business’s that span across three countries, three offices and a seventy odd work force, Poly is set to take over distinct industries in a big way.

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