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Mason Plumlee: The Sacramento Kings Top Trade Priority.


December 23, 2014

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Let’s just call those Deron Williams to Sacramento rumors a giant smokescreen. Yeah, Sacramento did want Williams, but according to a report from ESPN’s NBA insider Chris Broussard, it was big-man Mason Plumlee Sacramento wanted most.

Sacramento is in dire need of someone to play alongside Demarcus Cousins. The Kings most efficient big man this season (aside from Cousins) has been seventh-year forward Jason Thompson. While he isn’t the worst rebounder you will find his 5.4 points a game are laughable, and so is his defense.

The Kings need to make an impact in the front court to be a competitive team in the Western Conference. Plumlee might make that kind of impact.  Plumlee was on the 2014 USA team that competed at the FIBA tournaments this summer, and it seems his confidence has been boosted because of it.

Plumlee was brought on the team because of his defense and abilty to protect the rim, which again is something Sacramento lacks. This season Plumlee is averaging 8.2 points and six rebounds a contest, but he oozes potential and the Brooklyn Nets know that.

Brooklyn does not seem to be willing to give up Plumlee for any offer. With Kevin Garnett set to retire very soon and the injury history of Brook Lopez, Plumlee could be the team’s most trusted big man.

It is unlikely Sacramento ponies up the pieces to pry Plumlee away from the Nets. So, for now it’s looking like Jason Thompson will remain the starter in Sacramento, but they could always trade for Deron Williams.

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