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Mass Effect The Jardaan War: Could Bioware Make This the Andromeda Sequel?

Mass Effect Andromeda was supposed to be a great success that surpassed the trilogy.  Some things went right in the sequel to Mass Effect 3. The environments were incredibly realistic and as beautiful as Pandora in Avatar. There is a big mystery to solve which gives Bioware and Electronic Arts (EA) chance to capitalize with a sequel that fans actually want.  The next game should be called Mass Effect: The Jaardan war.

An incomplete part of the story involves the apparent extinction the Jardaan. During one of the last missions, the main character Scott Ryder, discovers that the this race responsible for trying to make the Helius Star cluster habitable.  The Jardaan were attacked and likely destroyed by an unknown enemy. This is confirmed in the final administrator’s log (One hour, four minutes into the video) . There is a chance that this unknown enemy is waiting in the wings. This enemy has to be upset that Ryder achieved the Jardaan’s goal in the end.

The reason for this assumption is simple: Ryder and his team completed the work of the Jardaan which was to make worlds habitable. The war that happened between the unknown enemy and the Jaardan was likely a religious war.

Bioware is also known for foreshadowing in their games.  This often forces players to actively think about the bigger picture. It creates the feeling that you are always being watched.

Changes that need to be made

  1. The next game should feature a limited open world system. Using open world for missions seems tedious. If Bioware wants to use the open world system, it should be for exploration.
  2. Bring back the paragon/renegade conversation system- It would be nice to have  predictability in conversations again.
  3. Make Andromeda full of life -Can we please see more advanced races? We need more than just the Kett, Angara and Remnant. Give the next game a Star Trek feel.

Unfortunately, the gameplay style, technical bugs with the Frostbite engine, and lack of overall depth made Mass Effect fans doubt the series had any chance of continuing.

Idea for first mission

The first mission should be similar to Mass Effect 2.  The unknown enemy should attack the Tempest without warning. This would closely mirror the Collector surprise attack on the Normandy.

Will Mass Effect have an Andromeda sequel?

There are different speculations as to the future of the Mass Effect franchise. It is currently on hold due to Andromeda not  generating a significant profit. Bioware is currently focusing on Anthem and another Dragon Age game.

The most widely accepted theory is that mass Effect will continue but it may not be an Andromeda sequel. There is also speculation that Bioware already planned on an Andromeda sequel and the series might continue.

If Mass Effect The Jardaan War is the title of the next game, it will be attention grabbing and serve as the focal point of the storyline.

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