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Keeping Employee Injury Claims To A Minimum With These Simple Tips

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Some companies are plagued with employee injury claims. Not only do these claims put your company at risk of civil lawsuits, but also will drive up your insurance premiums. The key to preventing injuries is to devise a doable and realistic workplace injury prevention strategy. However, the strategy will not work, if your employees are not willing to comply with the safety regulations and rules included in the plan. Below, you will discover a list of prevention tips that will help keep your workplace injury claims to a minimum.

Introduce Plan To New And Existing Employees

All companies need workplace safety rules in place. These rules must be introduced to new employees before they are allowed to perform any type of job duty. It is not unusual for companies experiencing a high volume of worker’s compensation claims to make alterations in their existing safety plan. However, the newly revised plan will need to be introduced to all employees. Just add the content to your monthly safety meeting criteria and provide each employee in attendance a copy of the revised plan. Also, it never hurts to require your employees to sign a form, verifying they received the documents.

Proper Job Duty Training

Some employees make the decision to ignore the importance of new hire training. When a new employee is put to work immediately without training, the risk of injury skyrockets. As you should already know, workplace injuries turn into workers compensation claims and potential lawsuits. Proper job duty training will reduce these risks drastically. Also, your existing employees should be properly trained when they transition their current position to a new job duty. When you are facing a civil lawsuit related to a workplace injury, do not hesitate to contact Savannah injury attorneys. These experts offer free consultation services to all companies located in Savannah.

Personal Protective Equipment

All companies are responsible for the safety of their employees. One of the most effective ways to prevent workplace injuries is personal protective equipment (PPE), such as respirators, helmets, garments, boots and safety glasses. This equipment should be provided to all employees who are going to be exposed to hazards, while they are working. The PPE will protect against exposure to chemicals, airborne particulate matter, biohazards, extreme heat, electricity and physical injuries.

Continue to encourage your employees to utilize the PPE provided to them. If they fail to do so, do not hesitate to take the appropriate action. This equipment will help reduce workplace injuries and keep your workers compensation claims to a minimum.

Conduct Pre-Employment Screenings

Some workplace accidents have been related to the employee’s inability to perform the position offered to them. These accidents could have potentially been avoided through proper new hire screenings. This safeguard allows employers to place new employees in appropriate positions that match their physical capabilities.

Pre-employment screenings are a must for all companies and employees. If the process is not completed properly, the risk of employee accidents will increase at a rapid pace. If necessary, oversee the process just to make sure your senior employees are conducting the screenings properly.

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