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Maxi dresses
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Maxi Dresses & Sneakers: How To Make It Work

Maxi dresses are long and have ankle-length hemlines. The right footwear makes it easy to walk in these comfortable garments. Shoes with a lower profile such as low-top sneakers tend to be good choices. Shop for Puma shoes online and look for the right pair of shoes to wear with maxi dresses. You may not want to wear high-top sneakers or sneaker boots with this look. Here are a few tips for pairing women’s white sneakers or any other shade of kicks with maxi dresses.


Keep Shoes Low

High-top sneakers or sneaker boots are on trend, but these shoes may not be the best footwear for a maxi dress. When you walk, you don’t want the low hem of your dress to catch on your shoes. Not only does this increase your risk of tripping, it may also lessen the lengthening effect of a maxi dress. The one exception is a rule-breaking look that draws attention to your shoes.

Low-top sneakers that cut off around ankle level are the best footwear for maxi dresses. Shoes of this height cause the least interference with the silhouette of a dress, while still being visible underneath. This look is a great way to show off a pair of Puma Basket shoes or another throwback style. The design of shoe uppers determines how likely the hem of a garment will be to catch on the top of shoes.


Choose Complementary Designs

If you are wearing a patterned or printed dress, you may want to wear a pair of single-colour sneakers in a matching or complementary shade to show it off to the best effect. On the other hand, a plain maxi dress may benefit from accessorising with Jewellery, a bag and a pair of eye-catching shoes.

The weather may determine the material and style of maxi dress you plan to wear and should also factor into your choice of footwear. Canvas sneakers are perfect for warm-weather wear, while leather sneakers can be worn year-round, particularly if they are breathable. Some clothing and shoe materials, such as suede and many dress fabrics, also work better together than others.


Wear Platforms for Height

Platform shoes are on trend and a great way to gain some floor clearance for the hem of a maxi dress. Shoes with high and thick soles look cool and can reduce your risk of tripping over a dress that runs a little long. Sneakers with platform soles also tend to be more stable than other dress shoes with raised soles such as high heels and wedges. You can dress up or down with the right pair of sneakers.

Low-top sneakers are among the best shoes for a maxi dress. Select a style that has a sole of any height. If you need to beat the heat during the summer, consider slipping on a pair of canvas sneakers. You can also pair nearly any sandal style from flip flops to slide, gladiator, minimalist or even lace-up sandals with a maxi dress. Sneakers are great shoes to wear with maxi dresses in any season.

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