find pleasure while having sex

Pleasure and sex have never been talked about from a woman’s perspective. It is the men’s pleasure that has been the prime focus and even porn movies would focus on what men want. Not that things have changed drastically today, but yes, women are more vocal about sexuality. But, how to find pleasure while having sex?

Sex is an act which is meant to feel good. A traditional definition for this would be when a penis penetrates a woman’s vagina. But today sex can mean different things. For example, a blowjob is oral sex and hence the meaning of sex has diversified. There are different ways to seek and get pleasure, especially for women. There is penetrative sex of course, but a little extra for the woman can go a long way. So, if you want to please your lady a little more follow the below tips. Here is what women like:

  1. The man sucking and biting on the nipples. It feels electric and the act makes women hot.
  2. Playing with the clitoris and using a bdsm leather harness. The man or the woman herself can touch, pinch or play with the clit while the man penetrates her vagina. This leads to extreme pleasure. In a survey conducted, it was found that 36% women wanted clitoral stimulation.
  3. Squeezing the ass and/or spanking. It makes a woman hornier and they just want to jump on their man.
  4. Some women like it when men touch or finger their anus.
  5. And last, but most importantly, the act of kissing adds intimacy to the mix. Kissing while being penetrated by the penis increases pleasure.
  6. Try having sex at different and uncommon places.

Genitals may be an important organ for sex but it isn’t the only thing that heightens pleasure. Other areas and sensuous touches can make sex a good experience for women. Especially when there are staggering statistics that suggest that in vanilla penetrative sex, women don’t get pleasure. So, we need something extra to feel better, to feel more loved.

Men can do other things too that make women feel good. This may not necessarily have to do with penetrative sex. There are other ways to orgasm for women, if a man can figure that out, then the lady will be very pleased. Following are a few other ways men can please women.

Communicate even while you are between the sheets. Ask if she likes what you are doing. And don’t forget to shower compliments on her. Making her feel happy will uplift her mood and lead to more passion and affection.

You need not focus too much on a woman’s genitals. There are other erogenous zones that will give you similar results. We love it if you spend enough time kissing and licking various parts of our body. Explore and find out which part is sensitive for your woman.

Women normally take time to reach orgasm. So, don’t hurry and take your time. Indulge her and please her till she is ready. Don’t make her feel guilty for taking time while you are already there. Every woman I have spoken to, tell me that they don’t always orgasm, while their partners do. They keep quiet and let it slide as they love the partner. So, pay attention and give her the attention she deserves.

Make sure that both of you are relaxed or in a playful mood. Mental stress and anxiety can kill the mood. Talk about things that are uncomfortable for her and get information on what may please her.


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