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Miami Dolphins: A swap of Philip Rivers, Ryan Tannehill would be great

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The Miami Dolphins fan base has their fair share of ups and downs with Ryan Tannehill. So much so that fans have wondered what it would be like if there was another signal caller taking snaps.

The San Diego Charges may have gone as far as they can with Philip Rivers as their face of the franchise and it might be wise for them to move on.

Now, before everyone gets in a pissy fit, here out my reasons.

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Tannehill is young, has an incredible arm but for some reason he has not won over the Dolphins faithful. The organization has provided him with weapons at all skill positions but he has yet to lead them to the playoffs. I am a big supporter of Tannehill and may have defended him a little too much but, when it’s not working, it’s not working. Tannehill has a career record of 34-39 as the Dolphins starter and while his stats can rival some of the league’s best, he has faltered just as many times.

Rivers is in the same boat. He has been to the playoffs and has the stats that has placed him in the elite conversation but he’s aging right before our eyes. It’s safe to say that his window is closing. Not the Chargers, but his. Rivers will forever be linked to Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning, but Manning more so. Both QB’s have won Super Bowls, while Rivers sits and wait. But, how much longer is he and the Chargers suppose to wait for lightning to strike?

What if they were to swap places?

The Dolphins are built to win now. They have the ground game with Jay Ajayi, the receivers with Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker and a stout defense led by Suh. But Tannehill has underperformed to an extent. He’s only 28 years old and hs another 10 years or so left in the league which will benefit the Chargers as they have gotten younger in the past three seasons. Franchise QB’s are hard to come by and this will give the Chargers and Tannehill a fresh start.

Rivers surprisingly is 34 years old and with Miami built to make a run now, they can use a player with his experience in clutch moments to push the process along further than Tannehill has. This will be a win-win for all parties involved. The Dolphins will rid themselves of a QB they have lost faith in and replace him with a Pro Bowler.

This is not a rumor, no one has discussed such a trade. This is just me as a football fan looking at possible ways for both teams to improve.


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