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Miami fans have to be excited over their 6th consecutive win this season. With their 31-24 win over the San Francisco 49ers, the Miami Dolphins might have to upgrade to a bigger bandwagon. Sure beating the one win 49ers team isn’t too impressive, but the Dolphins got it done. They won without three starters on the offensive line. Miami is hungry Sure beating the one win 49ers isn’t too impressive, but the Dolphins got it done. They won without 3 starters on defense. Despite Jarvis Landry being banged up all week and losing Devante Parker mid-game Miami found a way to win. There’s not a team in the National Football League that doesn’t go through their shares of injuries. Some prevail, while others fold. The Dolphins have found a way to cling to life each game and come out on top. The Patriots have succeeded by their “Next man up” philosophy and it looks like the Dolphins have adopted that motto. Miami could be scary good They might not have another undefeated season in them, but the Dolphins have a bright future for sure. Not only are they winning close games but they have plenty of room to grow. Not including injured reserve the Dolphins only have 7 players over the age of 30. Of the remain 46 players on the team, 32 of them are 26 or younger. This Miami team could build on the success of their young team and have a unit that plays together for years to come. They’re winning in defiance of their age and experience. Imagine what they could be with another season or two under their belts. [embedit snippet=”rick-ads”] Adam Gase is winging it Does Adam Gase seem like his whole game is set up by trial and error? A sign of a great football mind is being able to make the necessary adjustments. Adam Gase looks like the king of making adjustments. The Dolphins started 1-4 and adjustments were made and now they’re 7-4. During their six-game win streak, the Dolphins leaned heavy on the run. The past two Miami found a way to get their passing game going. Many games the Dolphins have come out slow and lethargic only to pull it out in the fourth quarter. Clearly, Gase has a knack for finding what works. Haters gonna hate Remember all the boo birds. Ryan Tannehill does. Even though he was sacked twice this game, Ryan Tannehill still churned out a mistake free game. The Dolphins again came out without turning the ball over. Tannehill was 20/30 for 285 yards and 3 touchdowns(130.6 QBR). He made the deep throws, threaded the needle, and used his speed. Even with his injury-depleted line Tannehill has only 24 sacks through 11 games. Tannehill has never looked more comfortable in an offense and again he’s improved this season. As long as he keeps winning, fans will forget that hate. The Dolphins are on their best win streak since 2005. They’re winning and appear to be calm, cool, and collected. Fans have grown tired of their losing ways and few teams need a turn around as fast as them. Gase has the Dolphins on their way. It has been 11 years since they’ve won 6 wins in a row. These Dolphins have an opportunity to make a name for themselves. The team hasn’t won 7 in a row since before many fans were born. Don Shula was the coach who leads the 1985 Miami Dolphins on such a streak. Against a retooling Ravens team, the Dolphins can’t afford to take them lightly. The Dolphins face the Ravens in Baltimore on December 4th at 1pm ET.

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