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Microblading: Its popularity and why you should try it?

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All of us wish to wake up with the picture-perfect face. But that, isn’t always possible because of our hairs, eyebrows and so many other factors. Not everyone looks like an ultimate beauty after waking up. Microblading in today’s world is a savior. It helps to get the perfect look. Ladies, this is the technique you have been looking for so many years.

What is microblading?

Microblading is the magical technique that helps to shape and perfectly align the eyebrows. It helps to fill up the gaps between the eyebrows. It can change your overall look. The skin is pigmented using injections, which fills all the gaps in the middle.

Why is microblading so popular?

If you’re wondering about why this procedure is so popular, you should know that the various reasons related to it. It is quite different from the method of cosmetic tattooing. With the stroke of pens, new eyebrows are drawn which is extremely loved by the people. This offers for a more natural look among the already existing eyebrows. The great thing about it is, that the process lasts from 10 months to that of 3 years. Nevertheless, you need to keep visiting your artists for small touch-ups

  1. It is durable

You will not need to try out every new gel, it can stay effective for a long period of time. Even if you’re sweating, the brows remain intact.

  1. Faster results

Though it will appear that the process takes a long time to heal, microblading actually provides for faster results. You can get fast and effective results from Avant Microblading. If you are concerned about complete healing process, you may get cured within a few days itself. Nevertheless, ensure that you take care of your eyebrows perfectly.

  1. Customize

You get the option to choose your own artists and then customize the brows as per your need. Before getting it done, you can consult the beautician. You can talk of your needs and problems. This will ease the process to a greater extent. They will help you get the eyebrow you want by providing the perfect brow shape and filling it up.

  1. Low Maintenance

Sometimes, you may need to spend a lot in getting your eyebrows done. However, with the introduction of microblading technique, you can always choose this semi-permanent method of getting the eyebrows done. You can even set up a follow-up appointment with the beauticians to check the healing process of your eyebrows.

  1. Low Risk

Compared to the other methods, the microblading is a less risky method.

Why should you try it?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. However, there are several reasons as in why you should try out this method. Some of them are mentioned hereby

  1. It looks completely natural

Although it is a kind of surgery and strokes are drawn, this process looks completely natural. These semi-permanent eyebrows look like the real natural strokes of the brows. The stylists work towards them properly in order to ensure that you get the look you’ve been wishing to have. After a thorough research of 12 years, the microblading technique was introduced. The semi-permanent eyebrows get mixed up with the natural brows, looking as if they were natural.

  1. It is painless

Saying that the process is completely painless would be wrong. The method of microblading isn’t as painful as the other methods. You might only feel as if someone has pinched you, and not the extreme level of pain. The process usually lasts for one and a half to two hours. If you are concerned about the pain, you should be completely fearless. Many people who have got microblading done have said that their experience was similar to the brows being tweezed.


  1. Saves a lot of time

Women, require a lot of time, when they are preparing for an event. Most of the time goes on the eye make-up, shaping up the eyebrows and so on. However, if you get microblading done, you will always be party ready. You wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time in shaping up your brows. Your eyebrows will always be in the perfect shape. Thanks to microblading!

  1. Touch-ups are always available

You can always visit the salon to get microblading touch-ups done. In the healing period, you can always have touch-ups done till the time your brows are prominent. The salons usually offer for the follow-up appointments for the convenient of the clients.

  1. Visual healing? Within a day

When actually your eyebrows may need up to three days to heal, the brows may straighten the next day itself. You will not need to be stressed because of your brow. With proper care and treatment, your eyebrows can get healed within a short period of time.

It’s 2018 and everything is evolving at a faster rate. So, should your eyebrows. Microblading is an effective technique, which will not only make you look beautiful but also save a lot of time. Make sure that you try this method.

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