The IT world is changing by the day as new IT technologies are being discovered with each passing day. This has forced many professionals to seek further studies in these new areas so as to be up to date on all IT issues.

At the moment, there are numerous certification exams in the IT sector that IT professionals will need to pursue so as to rise up in their career ladders.

For instance, Microsoft has designed several certification exams, which are widely recognized all over the world and which employers look out for when they are hiring new employees. The tests can be very challenging at times but with an understanding of what the exam is all about and a few preparation tips, you will be good to go. In our article today, we will look at the Microsoft 70-483 exam and what it entails.

Introduction: The Microsoft 70-483 exam is a considered an entry-level Microsoft certification test for C# developers. The exam tests one’s knowledge of the NET framework and C# programming language. It also has a key focus on assessing student’s critical thinking as well decision-making capabilities.

This exam is suitable for the candidates who wish to progress in doing other higher and advanced Microsoft certifications. For instance, one needs to take the Microsoft 70-483 exam as this will guarantee to do the MCSD Window’s Store Apps credential.

Exam Training Course: The training course contains four topics that the candidates must be taught and which are the ones that will also be tested in the exam. The topics include:implementation of events, designing of hierarchy, handling data collections, ability to Store and retrieve data, proper working knowledge of variables expressions, and the ability to perform programming and threading problems.

Exam Pattern: The Microsoft 70-483 exam covers four main areas. They include management of program flow, creation and use of various applications, implementation of data access and debugging applications, and security implementation.

The test is structured in a way that an individual is given 150 minutes to handle 50 questions. In addition, the exam is written in various languages, such as English, German, and Spanish. Furthermore, this exam can be retaken if one fails to pass it at the first attempt. But one thing to note is that all the test retakes are payable and one will not be allowed to sit for the exam without paying.

Preparing for the Microsoft 70-483 exam

§ Reading different types kind of books with various topics and looking for specific topics to work on.

§ Make use flashcards to help you gather more information on the various tested topics and create a good study work plan.

§ Using resources and materials that provide updated exam topics and tips when it comes to examination and this provides a good framework for studying.

§ Carrying out short revision exercises will help you get to study more topics and cover more ground in your preparations.

§ Ensure to get a good study partner whom you will assist each other with the preparations and also help each improve on your weak areas.

§ Make good use of the video tutorials to be able to know how certain topics are handled and how to answer the different questions on the testable topics.

§ Understanding what one needs to know makes it easy to tackle questions since the questions can be tricky but thankfully there are many websites where one can find ideas.

Exam Books

Ø C# in depth – It’s a book that targets mostly online developers of various sites with various specifications especially in terms of languages.

Ø LINQ pocket reference – It’s quite easy to maneuver around with ideal quick references with advanced topics such as operator overloading and lifting.

Ø MCSD certification toolkit – It’s a type of the Microsoft certification that offers variety of resources to test one when it comes to programming skills, it also contains exam question samples.

Ø Pro c# 4.5 frameworks 6th Edition –It provides a good framework in programming languages when it comes to informative presentations and applying them on programming assignments, also having a comprehensive outlook on technology.

Ø C# 5.0 pocket reference – It is quite informative and instills the students with knowledge on every topic that is very useful in jogging their memory.

Exam Resources

clip_image001 Visual studio measures one’s capability of accomplishing technical tasks in areas that might be indicated in the exam and maintains the reliability of a certification.

clip_image001[1] Programming in c# exam ref 70-483 assists the developers to advance when it comes to information technology and decision making.

clip_image001[2] TestKing has researched answers with many sample questions as indicated in the exam plus drag and drop questions with a few reference books.

clip_image001[3] ExamSnap includes variety of training resources for the tests and quite impressive attempts in accessing training materials making it to be high in demand and valuable among branded certifications.

clip_image001[4] PrepAway is updated with engines of multiple exam questions that the students can get their hands on. The site also contains numerous videos and blog posts that you can use to prepare yourself.

clip_image001[5] Exam-labs consists of bunch of practice questions and answers that the candidates can use to prepare and pass their exams. It offers a very good platform for students to prepare themselves by doing numerous practices for their tests.

clip_image001[6] ExamCollection has updated exam materials with sample questions and answers which makes passing of exam quite easy and also foundational skills through training for Microsoft certification.

Personal Note of Experience

During my exam periods, I always ensure that I studied very little so as to give my mind a breather. I also ensured that I slept early so that I woke up on the exam day feeling fresh and relaxed. These two activities greatly helped me to give my best during the exam periods.

Furthermore, I always ensured that after the test, I do not engage in any kind of post-exam discussion so as to not get myself into panic mode.

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