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The Midwest Region edition of the round of 64 picks are now here! Get your brackets started off right.


Midwest region:

#1 Kansas, the only big 12 team I trust outside of a healthy Tech team should start off with a bang. Playing Penn, who won the Ivy League conference. Graham will start strong, forcing the tempo and win big.

#8 Seton Hall matches up with NC State. These two teams could both be sleepers in this tournament, but I have to go with Seton Hall. Seton Hall has a double-double machine in Delgado, but NC State also has great players. Big East VS. ACC will not disappoint.

#12 New Mexico State has been a popular pick to go for the 5/12 upset this year. While they rebound the ball well, Clemson can too. Besides the rebounding area, New Mexico State has developed a great way to defend their opponent. With Clemson being a high energy, fast paced offensive team this works right into what the Aggies are trying to do to teams.

#4 Auburn has Charleston on their schedule. This like for many big teams is a relief after a hard conference schedule and tough games played in their conference tournaments, Alabama… Auburn will bounce back in a decrease in level will benefit them.

#11 Syracuse after beating Arizona State in a great game Wednesday night, Syracuse is primed for a run. The zone will create problems for many teams that don’t deal with the defensive scheme often. Arizona State got into a groove to start the second half, but will put up uncalled for shots. They’ll force many teams to this and that’s not good news for TCU.

#3 Michigan State gets Bucknell in what is kind of a home game in Detroit, Michigan. Being able to have your crowd behind you fully and being the better team is a great recipe for success in this contest.

#7 Rhode Island… Trae Young is the reason for this one. Teams figured out how to defend him and outside of Young, Oklahoma doesn’t have the pieces to win games, at least we haven’t seen it. Rhode Island will defend Young in the same way teams have done recently and should make the game easy.

#2 Duke did lose a 2/15 matchup four years ago against Mercer that ruined every bracket in the nation. Duke will keep your bracket intact this year after the second round. They have switched to playing a zone that has worked pretty well with the lack of good individual defenders. Bagley is a force offensively when healthy. Scary team all around right now.

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