Mike Williams - Wide Receiver, Clemson

Player Comparison:

Martavis Bryant – Wide Receiver, Clemson ( 2014 NFL Draft: Round 4- Pittsburgh Steelers)

With the Clemson connection, I see this comparison as both have the ability to high point the ball at a consistent rate. Both had similar testing and recognizable traits as big targets. While Martavis Bryant is faster, both receivers create separation by accelerating in stride and are tough to bring down. Williams does have a slightly bigger frame but both play with similar physicality and can high point the ball very well.



If a team is looking for a potential number one wide receiver, look no further as Mike Williams. A big receiver with relatively reliable hands will give many quarterbacks a target they can trust regularly. Williams could follow the footsteps of previous Clemson receivers as difference-makers at the next level. These young receivers include Deandre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, and Martavis Bryant as they have produced in the NFL. Talent wise, Mike Williams has the traits in a number one wide receiver in the NFL just like them.

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