Mike Williams - Wide Receiver, Clemson

With the ideal size you want at the receiver position, where does Clemson receiver Mike Williams project in the NFL?

Coming into the draft process as the touted ” number one wide receiver” in the draft, Mike Williams out of Clemson has not done anything to hinder his draft stock. Running in the low 4.5s in the 40-yd. dash was better than expected and many see him as a 1st round selection. However, Williams is not the cleanest prospect medically as he suffered a fractured neck in 2015. But he came back strong in 2016 as a consistent target for Deshaun Watson and the offense that lead Clemson to win the College National Championship in 2017 in an astounding comeback. The Redshirt Junior has been pretty consistent throughout this draft process and I think he should be the first receiver off the board in about 5 days as a top 15 selection.

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