Online writing is a wide field encompassing three key areas which are academic writing, article writing, and transcription. These areas can be tackled traditionally but have moved to the online domain for convenience purposes. Some such as article writing thrive due to the increase in the number of websites. These websites constantly need content for them to attract traffic.

Online writing is very important, particularly if you earn from it as either your full or part-time engagement. As such you need to take it seriously and avoid making mistakes that can derail your career in either of the fields under it.

Here are some of the mistakes you need to know of and avoid totally for a smooth stint when coming up with content.

Poor Researching

Researching is important especially in article and academic writing as you are creating content from scratch. The information needs to be factual for the party that contracted to earn a sense of credibility. This means you cannot afford to have poor researching habits.

You need to know how to get relevant information and put it down. Additionally, you need to always be conversant with changing trends to always be ahead of your game in this field.


In academic writing circles, one of the biggest offenses you can commit is plagiarism. This refers to taking of another person’s ideas and presenting them as your own without citation or giving the original owner recognition. This is a mistake you need to avoid.

During training, this is one area you need to cover to avoid falling into its trap. One way to avoid this is by citing your sources and authors. You can also use a plagiarism checker tool such as SmallSEO tools or grammar that detect the level of plagiarism and gives you the report.

Not Meeting The Text Length

Text length is very important and is measured in terms of pages or words depending on the font size and spacing. It is important to meet the specified word or page count to pass the information you are communicating effectively.

When it comes to word and page count, the word count tool with an online site at is a recommendable one. It shows you the number of word and pages and also provides an estimation depending on font and spacing used. Also, it is easy to use and helps in showing your milestone in meeting the required count.

Subpar Language

Another mistake you should not be making when getting into online writing is the use of subpar language. This looks at grammar, tenses, tone, and mood among many others. Your language needs to be of high-quality t effectively pass your message.

There are several online grammar and language checking tools that you can look at your improve the quality of your work.

Final Word

Highlighted above are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid when you venture into online writing. These mistakes can be very detrimental to your freelancing career and you need to be wary of them. Make sure you are good at researching and also have an impeccable grammar for an excellent stint in online content creation.

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