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MLB Rumors: New York Yankees trading Nathan Eovaldi?

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It seems the New York Yankees are putting selling to another level. Over the last few weeks, the Yankees have parted with Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman. In the last 48 hours, many other Yankees are being made available that include Brian McCann, Nathan Eovaldi, Ivan Nova, Brett Gardner and others. It seems that out of that group that Nathan Eovaldi may be next to be on the move.

As of late Sunday evening, reports were being circulated that the Yankees were talking to the Pirates about a possible swap that would send Nathan Eovaldi to the Pirates and the Yankees as of right now would get a few prospects including Steven Brault. He has only been in playing since 2013 and has spent most of his time in the minors with the Baltimore Orioles until last season when he signed with the Pirates. He has only pitched two games in the majors this season and has a record of 0-1 with a 3.60 ERA.

If this trade were to happen, it would benefit the Pirates for right now. It would benefit them because currently, they have gotten little productivity from Jon Niese who has a record of 8-6 with an ERA of 4.60. Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington has gone on record as of lately stating displeasure in the numbers that Niese has gotten for the Pirates. Recently, the Pirates have moved him to the bullpen. Nathan Eovaldi would do great in Pittsburgh as he has done better in NL parks than AL parks. One thing that is a definite point with Eovaldi is he is a workhorse. Over his career, he has pitched 731 innings.

August 1st is the MLB Trade Deadline at 4 pm est, so it will be interesting to see if this happens.

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