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Mortdecai: A Blunder For Both Lionsgate and Johnny Depp

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It’s not like Johnny Depp to be a box office flop, but lately it seems the actor has run into a string of bad luck. His newest film, Mortdecai, has proven to be a colossal disaster for Lionsgate. However, the studio is staying optimistic about the film’s disastrous showing.

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer publicly stated that Mortdecai will be a “very manageable” loss for the studio. The film has only been able to manage $18 million dollars worldwide, and with a $60 million dollar budget, the film has been far from profitable.

Regardless of Feltheimer and Lionsgate’s stance on Mortdecai, the lack of success for the film is disappointing. Feltheimer told analysts last May the studio  envisioned Mortdecai as a potential franchise, along with other Lionsgate projects such as Now You See Me, The Last Witch Hunter, and Power Rangers.

While Lionsgate deals with the fallout from their blunder, Johnny Depp is looking to revive a career that has slowly been going downhill.

Depp, who is one of Hollywood’s most well paid and respected actors, has been apart of  a string of unsuccessful projects. Films such as Dark Shadows, The Lone Ranger and Transcendence, have  many wondering if Johnny Depp is indeed still a box office draw.

Luckily for Depp he will be able to reprise his role in two very successful franchises. The actor will once again play Mad Hatter in the 2016 film, Alice In Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass, and will also portray the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Despite Men Tell No Tales, which is due in 2017.

Depp and Lionsgate will manage to rebound from Mortdecai. However, the damage is done, and it has left a black mark on both.

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