Are you dreading having to clean your windows again? Maybe you’ve been struggling over this task for hours, and yours just not sure what you’re doing wrong. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five mistakes that you might be making while cleaning your windows.  But before that, if you’re looking for your perfect window cleaning professional, try out Helpling.  Anyway, here are the tips:

1.Not using the right window cleaner.

What solution you use to wash your window is one of the most important factors to consider. Many commercial cleaners can contain harsh chemicals that can leave your window with a sticky film that attracts even more dirt.

Instead, try looking into how to make a homemade cleaner. Not only will you save money as commercial cleaners cost a lot, but you will also be using a cleaner that isn’t as harmful to your health. Most homemade cleaners use everyday household items to make an excellent alternative. Once you start making these cleaners, you’ll never go back to the commercial ones.

2.Using metal tools to scrape off material.

It can be tempting to use a paint scraper or steel wool to get rid of any debris stuck onto your window. But this is a dangerous thing to do as these metals are harder than glass. Especially if you’re trying to scrape something off, the force you apply will make it easy to do permanent damage to the window pane.

Instead, a soft bristle brush can be a better alternative. You could also let your cleaning solution soak into the debris to soften any material and make it easier to remove.

3.Going over the same spot multiple times.

A common mistake you can make while window cleaning is to start from the middle of the panel and then move outwards. This method of wiping may cause streaking and give the glass a dirty look.

When you’re wiping the solution off, it’s always good practice to start at the top right corner and wipe the window in a zigzag pattern until you reach the bottom. This way, you’re not going over the same spot twice, and it’s also a much more efficient way.

4.Cleaning your windows on a sunny day

The weather might not seem like a big deal when you’re washing your windows. However, the sun can dry out your soap before you’ve had a chance to wash it off. This will leave unsightly soap spots all your glass panes and can make your job much harder.

Instead, make it a point to wash your windows on a cloudy day. Window cleaning when the weather is cast can help you see any spots or streaks you might have otherwise missed.

5.Forgetting to replace the washing water or clean the tools.

If you’re trying to finish cleaning all your windows as quickly as possible, you might forget to replace the water you’re using to wipe the windows clean. When you’re wiping all the windows down with the same water, you might be putting some of the dirt you washed off earlier back onto the glass.

This problem can happen if you’re not making it a point to replace your water regularly.  Additionally, remember to clean your tools after every time you clean your windows.

Window cleaning can be an annoying and frustrating task if you’re not using the right materials or the correct methods. We hope that this list has given you all the tips and tricks you need to make this challenging job much easier for you.  And remember, if you’re looking for a window cleaner, try out Helping today!

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