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Aren’t all of us dream of traveling around the world with our special one? Enjoying the beautiful moments of our lives with our loved ones is the best example of living life. It creates many handsome memories for us, gives us hope in the sad moments of life, and provides something to share with our offspring. Domi and Frida is a couple who are living this dream and making their life memorable.

Introduction of the Couple

Domi and Frida is an Italian couple who fell in love in 2006 when both were in college. When they meet, both find out that they have a common passion for traveling all around the world and exploring other cultures. The couple said that they always wanted to study and learn about different cultures around the world. Plus, meeting new people gives them happiness. They made their dream come true as they have traveled to many places already. While traveling, they developed a love for photography and wanted to share their adventure with the world. Check out their Instagram account @weloveourlife  to see the romantic photos of romantic places.

A little Background

In 2006 when Domi was 17 years old, and Frida was 15, they met in college and fell for each other. According to the couple, it was love at first sight. When they start communicating, they find out that they share a huge passion for traveling. After high school, Domi graduated pharmacy, and Frida became an architect and worked hard in their fields as traveling is, we all know, a luxurious adventure. At such an adolescent age, they managed to earn enough to take a journey in the world.

Couple’s Journey towards Photography and Social Media

With time, they developed a great interest in photography and created an album of romantic and lovely photos in different beautiful places. As they wanted to keep their friends and family updated about their travel and to share their experience around the world, they created an official couple of Instagram ( ) account and uploaded those photos. In each photo and selfie, we can see how happy they are about traveling as well as about each other.

At first, they were only followed by friends and family on Instagram, but now they have more than 550K fans following.


domi and Frida Vlogging using Youtube

Besides taking photos, they are making vlogs on YouTube to take their fans on a visual tour and let the world know more about the places they are visiting. They have uploaded more than 70 videos on Youtube and got more than 2k subscribers. Their views are getting higher, and the comment section is full of appreciation, love, and wishes for the couple from the audience. In their vlogs, they have not only given a tour to different countries but also told the audience about what food is good there, what hotels are best there, etc. To check out their new vlogs, go to

More Contributions of the couple for the travelers

After traveling and getting a lot of experiences in different areas, the couple decided to help other travelers by providing the right information. For this, they created a website in which they are providing guidance based on different places. They share information about the culture of those places, the best food, best hotels, and the weather conditions, which help the tourists decide what kind of clothes they will need to pack. Moreover, they provide information about the Camera gears they use for their photography and vlogging. If you also want travel guidance, visit their website at or follow them at




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