After all is said and done, Sing Street may become one of 2016’s best films.

The picture revolves around a young teenage boy named Cosmo (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), who forms a rock band with a group of misunderstood teens to impress a mysterious girl named Raphina (Lucy Boynton).

Cosmo turns to music to not only impress Raphina, but also as way to cope with his parent’s martial issues, and the agony of facing life in a new school. He faces off against bullies and a strict headmaster, but it’s his newfound rock star status that guides him through his most turbulent times.

Along for the journey are a slew of memorable characters, the highlight of which is Cosmo’s brother, Brendan (Jack Reynor), who as the oldest of the family, feels the pressure of still living at home and experiencing failure in his own life. He’s a big influence on Cosmo, and their relationship grows throughout the entire film due in large part to a love of music.

Speaking of music, Sing Street director, John Carney, is no stranger to including a wonderful soundtrack to his films. His most successful films, Once and Begin Again, have featured some notable Academy Award winning and nominated original tracks.

Carney has once again paired a wonderful set of original music for Sing Street. The highlight of the numerous musical offerings in the film is the track, Drive It Like You Stole It. It’s very likely the song will be a front runner for an Oscar nomination come awards season. But there are also a slew of other original songs including, Riddle or the Model and To Find You.

Sing Street is one of those films that will be remembered for quite some time due in large part to its music, but also as a classic coming of age story. It’s a great alternative to some of the other Summer blockbusters in theaters. Simply put, it’s a film you can’t miss.

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