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Good sex is often considered to be the key to happiness. It can significantly improve your mood and make you feel less stressed. A sexual relationship can be a slippery plane for both parties, especially if you don’t understand each other’s sexual preferences. So, here are some tips to satisfy your man using some simple ways.

Full view

Let your man have a full view of your body – preferably naked. Such intimate visuals can have a better sexual experience. Men are also visual creatures and their sex drive, at least partially, maybe due to, what they see. Their brains are designed to judge good sex based on what they see. And this can arouse them significantly. If he looks at you, finds you beautiful he will have greater satisfaction during sex, because he is attracted to you. He will be turned on psychologically and physically, so let the light shines and make sure he gets a good look at you.


Not all men may communicate their desires and feelings in a sexual relationship. More so, they may not know how to express themselves indirectly or politely. Encourage him to talk about these directly or in simple language, so he can tell what he likes. When you are in an intimate moment and you aren’t sure what you could do to make him feel good, ask him. Questions can be simple like; do you like when I deep throat you? Do you want me to use my nails while I touch you? Or shall I touch you gently or with firmness? Try to read the best sex blog so you can get your hands for more ideas.


Explore what he likes and what he may not. The thing with exploring is, he may not already know what he actually likes or does not. So, you could go impromptu and try something to see if he likes it. Once, a friend just fingered her partner’s anus as she blew him. She didn’t know if he liked it or not, but she tried it anyway and he loved it. I am not saying you try the same thing. You know your partner better and the limits he would be willing to explore.

Fear of letting down

One of the greatest fears that men have is that they will let their partners down. The fear of non-performance is very real in men. This is due to societal pressures that may have been drilled into men that they have to take things forward and make sex interesting. Talk to him and allay his fears that even if he isn’t able to satisfy you at one go its fine. More often than not it is anxiety that can fuel non-performance.

Too long

Don’t take too long to pleasure your man, while making him feel good. Women may take some time before they feel good enough to orgasm. But this isn’t applicable to men. A lot of times they can orgasm before a woman does during penetrative sex. And prolonging his orgasm may make him uninterested after a while. Prolonging pleasure isn’t bad, but timing is the key. Try methods such as prostate orgasm tips to ensure that he is happy with your actions.

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