met for a one night stand

One night stands are being accepted by more people. Not just youngsters, but it also finds acceptance amongst older people who are single or separated, and don’t want anything serious. Two people meet for casual sex, take pleasure for a few hours and go their own separate ways. Today when relationships don’t last long, many don’t find it useful to invest in a long-term relationship.

It is a quick fix to relax and fulfil the needs of the body. Many don’t like commitments or feel they won’t be able to sustain the relationship. Some have a martyr syndrome too, where they believe that there is too much negative going on in their life and they need to fix that before trying to find a long-term relationship. People find it acceptable to sleep with another person one time and be done with, no attachment, no commitment. But can you fall in love with someone whom you met for a one night stand?

There are multiple perspectives on this. Some will say no and some will say yes. I personally fall in the yes category. Call me a romantic who believes in fairy tales and happy endings, but I believe it can happen. Here are my reasons why.

  • Sex is a powerful, intimate act and it connects two people in the most basic way.
  • Those intimate moments that you are most vulnerable, if you spend it talking to the other person, it can bring you closer.
  • And, of course, you decide to sleep with the person only if you are attracted to them in the first place. We don’t agree to have sex without being attracted sexually to another, especially on a first meeting. So, there is some level of connection.

Because of the above-mentioned points, I won’t be surprised if people fall in love after the one night stand. I am a believer in destiny and magic and true love. And while some may label me as a crazy person, believing in such things give me hope. Also, with one night stand focus you manage multiple relationships at the same time without thinking much.

While on the other hand, the sceptics – the sceptic side of me (yes, I have sides), believes that a one night stand will not lead to love. Maybe it’s the experiences which were not too good that leads me to think of this. But then here are the reasons, why some think that one night stands cannot be love.

  • The very reason for the one night stand is selfish and love cannot be selfish.
  • It is just the meeting of two people in body, the minds have not met.
  • Many who go for this, don’t believe in love or attachment, so those who hope to find love through this will be disappointed.

The cautious side wins out most of the time, which tells me that you don’t know the person you will be sleeping with. Yes, he looks good, makes decent conversation and other superficial things about him are enticing. This is sufficient for sex but not love. But there is a teeny tiny hope and belief that maybe someone, somewhere found love. If you do not think beyond that night and just looking for sexual satisfaction you will find a smooth hookup.

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