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Most go through breakups in their lifetime – breakups from romantic relationships. This is life and quite normal. Those we love, may not end up being our legal life partners and it is ok. But there are so many who try to move on immediately and end up in some sort of a tangled relationship with their ex. One is sex with ex. There are pros and cons to it, depending on how you see it.


  • Having sex with your ex may make a person feel better. After a breakup, things are hard and finding a sexual partner may be especially difficult, because you are sad. At such times, sex can help in feeling better.
  • Your ex probably knows all your kinks and all your sensual spots. So, pleasuring you will be easy for him/her. They will also probably know how to make you feel sexual pleasure better than any new hookup partners.
  • You may feel comfortable and safe for a while because you are sleeping with a person whom you know. You aren’t sleeping with a stranger, but someone you have known for a while.


  • Sex with your ex will mean that the breakup was not clean. You have gone back to the same person for physical pleasure and it will make matters messier.
  • You may not like yourself too much after bending to your physical needs and sleeping with your ex. It will not make you feel too good after the deed is done. Check out Chicago personals to meet some singles to move on from your past.
  • You are just delaying the pain and the natural healing process that you need to go through after a breakup. The more you prolong the inevitable, the harder it will be.

You may have your own reasons for going to your ex for physical needs. But it isn’t always the best. It may be and there are many who end up getting back together. But more often than not you will see that the reason you broke up still exists. So just by forgetting why you broke up and hoping things get back to how they were – will not help.

Although there will be times when you don’t ever want to see them, if you live in the same city, it is inevitable that you end up seeing them somewhere. If you do see them unexpectedly, do the following:

  • Don’t hide or pretend that you don’t see your ex. Many men and women have done this and it has led to embarrassing situations. Take some time to calm yourself and acknowledge the other.
  • You don’t have to make casual conversations. Instead, nod or smile and then move forward. This helps especially if you are flustered.
  • You can be friendly to them, casually friendly. Don’t be overly friendly as it could mean a different signal. Mixed signals aren’t good at a time when you see your ex.
  • Don’t brag to your ex about how you are so much better and happy without him/her. It shouldn’t be about you being better than them. But about you moving on and being happy with yourself, without mentioning or comparing your ex-relationship.

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