It’s no secret, the Cleveland Cavaliers are not playing up to their potential. Yeah, LeBron James is banged up, but losing to both Philadelphia and Sacramento?

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt has been less then ideal during his first NBA season, and his recent comments directed towards Kevin Love aren’t winning him many fans in Cleveland.

Blatt recently spoke about Love and stated some rather curious words about the Cavs starting power forward.

“Kev’s not a max player yet, is he?”

With rumors swirling about Kevin Love’s future with the Cavs beyond this season, it’s surprising this comment would come out of your head coach’s mouth. Considering what the Cavs gave up for Love, any rift between the team’s head coach and one of its star players is certainly not what this team needs.

According to Cavs beat writer Chris Haynes, Blatt and Kevin Love have talked about the issue and both parties are indeed on good terms. However, this isn’t about Kevin Love, it’s about David Blatt.

The Cavs don’t play defense, don’t hustle, and is there even an offensive playbook to be had?

Regardless of what Cavaliers General Manager David Griffin says, Blatt is on thin ice. However, this is to be expected from a guy whose only other NBA coaching offer was as an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors.

How much does David Blatt mean to the Cavs? Hopefully, not more than Kevin Love.

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