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LeBron James (April 27, 2018- Source: Andy Lyons/ Getty Images North America)
LeBron James (April 27, 2018- Source: Andy Lyons/ Getty Images North America) LeBron James (April 27, 2018- Source: Andy Lyons/ Getty Images North America)
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NBA Playoffs: Game 7- How Cavs Will Win

CLEVELAND- The Cleveland Cavaliers were overwhelmed by the Indians Pacers desire to win game 6 in Indianapolis. The Pacers obliterated the Cavs 121-87. The Cavs did a number of things wrong throughout the series which cannot continue in game 7. Here are the keys to eliminating the Pacers tomorrow. The game starts at 1:00 pm Eastern Time.

LeBron needs to take over

LeBron James needs to completely dominate on offense. He may have to score 45 or more points to bolster the Cavs chances of winning the game. The offense needs a spark from the king.

Beat Indiana in the paint

The Cavs can’t rely on the three pointer. Even if the Cleveland is lights out shooting from beyond the arc in the first quarter, that doesn’t mean that will continue throughout the game. If Cleveland takes more inside shots and get to the free throw line, this will be a huge benefit.

Double or triple team Oladipo

Victor Oladipo was a more effective shooter in game 6 after two games of being shut down by Cleveland’s defense. The Cavs have to double and sometimes triple team Oladipo. If he is shut down, the Pacers will likely lose.

Kevin Love must come through

Love needs to score at least 15 points in this game. He is normally a great three-point shooter but for some reason he is just off in this series. Love must be consistent on offense.

The defense needs to be fast and aggressive

The defense has a tendency to fail miserably when it comes to guarding open shooters. The Cavs can not just walk around and let the Pacers fire three-point shots all night. Failing to close out against open shooters is a great way for the Cavs to lose this game. If the defense plays with better tempo, forces Indiana to take tough shots and creates turnovers, the Cavs will likely advance to the semi-finals.

JR Smith Needs to be Patient

Smith occasionally rushes his shots. He may need to settle down a bit and take what the defense gives him.

Let the home crowd act as the sixth man

There is no way the Cleveland faithful will make this easy for the Pacers. Indiana could quiet the crowd down if the Pacers get off to a hot start and just annihilate the Cavs from the first quarter on. It will be important for the Cavs to take Indiana out of the game from the first quarter until the end.


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