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NBA Trade Rumors : Why The Lakers Should Cut Ties With Pau Gasol

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(Sam Greenwood/Getty Images North America)
(Sam Greenwood/Getty Images North America)


Over the past couple of years, there have been extensive talks about the future of former All-Star Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Gasol has played a crucial role in delivering two titles to the city of Los Angeles; those times seem in the rear view for many  Lakers fans. The Buss family and Gasol have seemed to fall out of favor with one another and a separation seems like the logical choice. The Phoenix Suns are mentioned as the primary team involved in trade talks and discussion between both franchises have recently heated up.

The Suns didn’t have much expectations to start the 2013 season, yet a strong first half has Phoenix looking towards the postseason.

Winning is vital to Gasol and now the Lakers are far from looking like a championship caliber team. Granted, the team has made a valiant effort this year, yet don’t have the talent to contend in an extremely deep Western Conference. The Lakers power forward is averaging a double-double for the season and seems to look rejuvenated with the constant trade talks involving his future with the franchise.

The Lakers want to get younger and are looking forward to the anticipated 2015 summer where Los Angeles will have plenty of cash to attract the likes of former UCLA Bruin standout Kevin Love back to Hollywood.

Currently Los Angeles’ best player is Nick Young, which showcases the current lack of talent on the team and Steve Nash looks like he is truly on his last leg. So it comes as no surprise that in the standings the Lakers are in last place in the Pacific Division. Kobe Bryant is the only player essential to the future of the franchise.  If Phoenix is willing to give up trade picks then the move makes sense to get done soon.

Many playoff caliber teams yearn for a power forward such as Gasol due to that fact that he is a versatile big man who can pass, shoot, and finish; still the Lakers will look for an extensive package including draft picks in any deal involving Gasol.




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