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Nerlens Noel worth a max contract
Nerlens Noel - Forward, Dallas Mavericks
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It’s A Joke To Think Nerlens Noel Is Worth A Max Contract

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Is Nerlens Noel getting a max contract? It would appear so. The Dallas Mavericks seem prepared to offer him max money during the offseason. Is it the right move?

A lot of NBA players have received max deals as of late. Whether or not they deserve them is up for debate. Noel is a questionable case. Has he done enough to warrant a max money deal?

Noel has had some injuries that have kept him out of NBA action, but on the court, he’s been somewhat impressive.

Noel’s rookie year in 2014 ( He sat out the 2013 season due to injury ) saw the 76ers forward average 9.9 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 1.9 blocks. He improved
upon those numbers for his second season, posting an average of 11.1 points.

The 2016-17 season had Noel shuffle through two teams. In Philly, he hardly saw the court and wasn’t a starter on most nights.  While in Dallas, who made a deal for Noel at the trade deadline,  it was more of the same. He started 12 out of 22 games, posting similar numbers to his first seasons in the NBA.

While impressive for some NBA players,
none of Noel’s first three years in the NBA warrant him a max contract. To assume that he’s on the level of top NBA talent is just absurd. Honestly, he’s not even the best free agent in this year’s class.

The Dallas Mavericks are just desperate for a big man and will pay him whatever he wants to stay with the team. What’s even more shocking is that other teams are supposedly interested in him as well for that price tag.

I understand Nerlens Noel is still young, and he might have a lot more potential we’ve yet to see. But, if you’re telling me that he’s worth that kind of money at this point in your career, you’re out of your mind. Whether or not he plays good defense it’s ridiculous.

I’ve never been a big fan of Noel. And I’m probably a bit biased when I say he doesn’t deserve max money. I’m just not sure what a max player is anymore. If average NBA talents like Nerlens Noel are getting max deals, what’s the point of signing for anything less?

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