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New York Giants: Odell Beckham Jr gives NFL the finger with 222 yard performance

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The NFL asked for it and eventually they were going to piss New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr off just enough that he was going to explode.

And explode he did.

When top WRs are discussed, there are still a large number of people that tend to leave his name out the top 5. Maybe they have no love for the Giants; maybe they are butt hurt that it was their team that either passed on him or he just torched them for a career day. Whatever the reason may be, let me be the first to tell you that players like ODB come around ever so often.

For the rest of his career he will be remembered for “the catch” but to real football fans, he’s much more. His rookie year didn’t start great as he missed four games due to injury but once he got going, let’s just say he has not returned to earth yet. In 12 games (2014) he did nothing spectacular but catch 91 passes for 1305 yards and 12 TDs, better numbers than players that played the full season but yet, some still say he’s not deserving.

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That word fluke was passed around, but he silenced those critics with 96 receptions for 1450 yards and 13 TDs in 2015.¬†Maybe I have a different definition¬†of productive receivers than most but where in those numbers does it not say top 5? We know about Antonio Brown and Julio Jones but after them who can equal ODB’s stats? You can try to make a case for DeAndre Hopkins, he’s close, but not quite there yet.

What makes Beckham so unique is the same thing that makes Brown and Jones so special. You know the ball is coming their way, but there is little to no chance of you stopping their production. Thus was the case Sunday against the Ravens.

Their best cover corner, Jimmy Smith was placed opposite Beckham and held him to 11 yards. But Smith left the game with a concussion and all hell broke loose on the field. Of course the argument would come that if Smith was still in the game and not some 3rd string DB then Beckham would not have had a monster day. That may be true but what was he supposed to do when Smith went out? Go out with him?

He and Eli did what any great combo would do, they took advantage of the situation. Was it Beckham’s fault the reserves couldn’t cover him?

He has taken heat this season due to his on field tantrums which some say is causing a distraction to the team but then he has a day like this that reminds you just who he is and what he’s capable of.

He may not have another day like this his entire career but his production goes far beyond ONE game. His stats since coming into the league in 2014 are up there with the best. Let’s not forget, just in case you missed the last sentence. He’s been in the league 2.5 seasons. He still has room and time to grow. That’s scary.

Yes, he plays with emotion, sometimes a little too much but that’s him. He’s not in the media ripping fans or teammates, all he wants to do is shred defenses like he did Sunday. You can say what you want about the yards and how he got them but what it boils down to is, he got them.

There should be no excuse as to why a player had 222 receiving yards. Just a job well done, pat on the back and get ready to study game film so you won’t let it happen again.


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