Week 5 of the NFL season began with the Cardinals defeating the 49ers and it could be interesting for the New York Jets as they are in a tough spot. After losing the last two games, their schedule continues to be difficult for them. After suffering losses to the Chiefs and the Seahawks, they are set to play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon at Heinz Field.

The Jets are coming off a bad loss last week at the hands of the Seahawks by the score of 27-17. Since it has been a few days since that game the big thing I take from it is we are seeing the downhill spiral of Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has now thrown nine interceptions and one touchdown in the last two weeks. I said this in my initial recap piece, but the Jets should bench Ryan Fitzpatrick already and start Geno Smith already. I figure it like this, how much worse can Geno Smith actually do. If the Jets do decide to stick with Fitzpatrick going further, I can guarantee that it will be getting much worse. Personally, I don’t see what the Jets see in Ryan Fitzpatrick.

People have been saying how you can blame their schedule for the slow start and I don’t buy it. Yes, I agree that the Jets do have a tough stretch of games, but you can’t blame that for the 1-3 start. Also, some blame can be put on management as they have made some questionable choices over the last two weeks. Let’s look at this game as the Jets are hoping to salvage something to this season.

When I do my streaming article for this game on Saturday, I will include the injury report for both teams. My simple key for the Jets is for them to not play how they did for the last two weeks. The way they played against the Chiefs and Seahawks is no way to win in the NFL. Also hopefully, the Jets will at least use their running game more. It seems that the Jets either use Forte a lot in their game or don’t use him at all. Finally, whoever starts the game can’t sling the ball down the field every play. It hasn’t worked well for them for the last two weeks.

My keys for the Steelers is just playing how you played before, they are playing a team that has been playing poorly on defense. Also, it doesn’t matter how the defense plays because Ryan Fitzpatrick has a tendency in the last two weeks to throw to the other team.

My prediction for the game is the Steelers win 35-17. The Jets are not playing well and are a terrible team. I am hoping they win, but I have also said that for the last two weeks and see how far that has gotten me. I am treating this game simple, expect for the worse and hope for the best.