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New York Knicks: Phil Jackson must let Jeff Hornacek coach his way


November 9, 2016

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The New York Knicks are not 20 games into the season and here comes more drama. First, there was the Derrick Rose trail, now there is the Phil Jackson fiasco.

Jackson is not pleased with the Knicks defense and their lack of Triangle use. Well, Phil, you are not the coach and no one likes the Triangle. The Knicks players are not Triangle players. The coach you hired is not a Triangle guy. Shut up and let the players and coach you selected do their job.

The Knicks are currently 2-4 heading into their matchup against their rival, Brooklyn Nets. Now, what was Jackson expecting? A perfect record. How? The team has not played together in the offseason, still learning a new offense and now Jackson is complaining because no one wants to play the out-dated versions of Kobe and Jordan.

His brain may have built the team, but his ego will destroy it.

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What going to happen is, if the Knicks don’t improve by midseason, Jackson will fire Hornacek and come out the booth and coach. He will pull a Pat Riley. He’s so stuck on running an offense that hasn’t worked in over 5 years that he’s willing to tear down any hopes the Knicks may have or success this season.

The Knicks will be okay as the season progress. A team that features a healthy Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah and Kristaps Porzingis will eventually get their act together. But Jackson is looking for a miracle and his impatience may cause the Knicks more than games losses. I’ve stated before that Jackson’s reputation is on the line with his moves. But if he’s showing another side that things are still to run his way, and not the players or coaches that may hinder the Knicks in getting any top quality free agents in the future. Or, it could force his current players to look elsewhere.

There is more at stake for the Knicks than a win/loss record. The future of this storied franchise is on the line. At some point, someone has to tell Jackson to sit down and let the players play.


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