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New York Rangers sign Jim Vesey

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It seems the hottest college hockey player has found a new home. According to several reports and later tweeted out by the New York Rangers, they have signed Jim Vesey from the Harvard hockey team.

This is big news because originally Vesey was drafted by the Nashville Predators in the 3rd round of the 2012 NHL Draft. He ended up telling them he didn’t want to play for them and thus becoming a “Free Agent.” Instead of signing with another team before the 2012 season, he decided to go to Harvard and has been part of their team. In his four years, he played 128 games (32 games per season), scored 80 goals (20 goals/season), had 64 assists (16 assists/ season), 144 points ( 36 points/ season), 66 PIM (16.5 PIM/season), and a plus/minus of 34 (17 per season).

However, in his one season for the South Shore Kings hockey team, before him going to the NHL in the first place was worthy. In 45 games, he had 48 goals, 43 assists, 91 points, and 52 PIM. While he brings the Rangers youth, I have a few concerns. For starters, he ended up picking the Rangers over the Blackhawks because he wanted the spotlight and not to be on a team that has made the playoffs several years. Also, he has zero playoff experience and being how the Eastern Conference in hockey is rough, how will he do against teams like Boston, Washington, and Pittsburgh.

My biggest concern for Jim is the length of the season. A regular NHL season goes for 82 games; the most Jim played was 45 before getting initially drafted. What will be interesting to see is if the Rangers bring him up with the main roster for the season or do we see him for at least one season in the minor hockey league. He ended up signing a two-year, entry- level contract with the Rangers.

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