NFA Saint6oy is an African-American Rapper, born in Chicago. He always puts passion into his Music and has been Paving the Way In The Music Industry. His Flow, Rhythm, Message, and Pronunciation are unique. Right now Saint6oy is signed to the Record Label “Only The Saint’s” and is ready to share his message through his songs.

Recently, Saint6oy released two new single called “Angels Over Hollywood”, and “Till The End”. His style is different from most other artists, because he is versatile, and has a very unique style of recording.

The meaning of “NFA”, “Never Falling Again” has a big impact on him & his Life. Not only is this his Name but he says: “This is the Life status where I’m never gonna be more and not only me but all my Friend’s and supporters are considered NFA’s, this for everyone who trynna Win in Life and never wanna be on the ground no more.”

NFA Saint6oy is an Artist to Watch and will prove this through his Music, Stay tuned for more. Bottom line, Saint6oy is someone to keep an eye on because this high-level artist and entrepreneur is rising like a phoenix, and for good reason!  

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