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DALLAS- Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant posted better stats than the best wide receiver in the NFL, Calvin Johnson. Bryant signed a 1 year, $12,873,000 deal. The Detroit Lions pay Johnson $16,207,143. On the surface, Bryant’s contract seems like a lucrative deal. However, Bryant caught 88 passes for 1,320 yards and 16 touchdowns. Johnson caught 71 passes for 1,077 yards and 8 touchdowns. These are the stats that create separation in contracts. It seems obvious that Bryant   actually has a legitimate complaint. Bryant performed significantly better than Johnson who is usually regarded as the clear-cut top receiver in the NFL. There are other receivers who could eventually make about as much as Johnson. Bryant should be on the list of receivers who are in a position to make $16,000,000 per year. Stats and contracts for other top receivers 1.Pittsburgh Steelers- Antonio Brown– 129 receptions, 1,698 yards and 13 touchdowns- $8,392,000 annually 2. Green Bay Packers- Jordy Nelson– 98 receptions, 1,519 yards and 13 touchdowns- $9,762,000 annually 3.  Green Bay Packers- Randall Cobb– 91 receptions, 1,287 yard and 12 touchdowns- $10,000,000 annually 4. Denver Broncos- Demaryius Thomas– 111 receptions, 1,619 yards and 11 touchdowns- $12,823,000 annually The good news is the Cowboys are paying Bryant money than Brown, Nelson, Cobb, and Thomas. However, they may have to pay him more later on. A contract extension seems inevitable. Dez Bryant and the Cowboys should be able to work something out. Bryant should have a deal to agree on before the first week of the regular season and avoid a week one holdout. Bryant said, “Everybody voicing opinions.. 13 mil is cool but where is my security?” Bryant said there is a chance he will sit out for week 1. It is clear that Bryant is seeking a Calvin Johnson type of deal based on his comments. It is imperative that the Cowboys offer a deal that is at least close to Johnson’s contract. It will be tough to win without Bryant in week one.  

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