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NFL: Is It Time to Consider HGH Therapy For Injuries?

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Make no mistake football is a violent and dangerous sport. One bereft of bone-jarring, gruesome and sometimes life-threatening ones, the average career of an NFL player is short.

From Pop Warner, Pee Wee, high school, college and the NFL, the number of injuries and greater emphasis on concussions, CTE research and better post-career treatment and care of former players, the risk of injury still lingers.

Yet there may be a viable answer. The answer to such a conundrum for the NFL is as ironic as one could ever guess. HGH (human growth hormone) therapy.

Yes, in a world fueled by raw strength, brute force and winning at all costs, HGH therapy, may either help or further help the sport of American football.

Despite the NFL and NFLPA (NFL Players Association) approving a new drug policy in 2014 that includes testing for HGH, which in turn facilitated sweeping changes to the leagues drug policy, looking at HGH therapy as a cure for injured players, could be an option in both extending a player’s career and preventing further injuries and ensuring better player safety.

Mind you that the NFL could go down a slippery slope in considering such an option despite having it in their own current drug policy, but due to the social outcry for change.

One company leading the way in HGH and testosterone therapy is Nexel Medical.

Based in Los Angeles, Nexel Medical offers a wide variety of options such as hormone testing, hormone level testing, HGH and testosterone therapy

Thanks to both the Chargers and Rams relocating to Los Angeles and possible expansion down the road, the discussion of HGH therapy as a possible ailment for player injuries may gain further consideration.

To find out more about HGH and testosterone therapy and treatment, check out their website at www.nexelmedical.com

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