Men: Is Your Job Lowering Your Testosterone?

As you may know, your health can be negatively affected by the time your work takes away from you. If you find yourself more apathetic, physically weak and with a weaker sex drive, that might actually come down to less testosterone — not just a tiring job. There are a lot of factors that can bring your testosterone down. However, the hours you work and how you spend your time
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NFL: Is It Time to Consider HGH Therapy For Injuries?

Make no mistake football is a violent and dangerous sport. One bereft of bone-jarring, gruesome and sometimes life-threatening ones, the average career of an NFL player is short. From Pop Warner, Pee Wee, high school, college and the NFL, the number of injuries and greater emphasis on concussions, CTE research and better post-career treatment and care of former players, the risk of injury still lingers. Yet there may be a