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Why NFL preseason should be two games

The NFL preseason is often criticized for being watered down. Are four games necessary? I do not think so. I know the league sees it as a revenue issue, but there are other ways the league can generate money. In this article, I will give you the reasons why the NFL should consider cutting the preseason to 2 games.

The amount of games in the NFL preseason is overdone. The starters, in the first week, do not even play. If they do play, they only play a series or a set number of plays. There is no need to extend the misery of the fans when it comes to these games. Cut the preseason down to 2 games. The coaches will have enough film to make roster decisions.

Another reason that the NFL can cut back on the number of preseason games is practice. (Thank god Allen Iverson is not in the NFL.) More and more of the teams these days are combining and having “joint” practices. During these practices, the coaches can communicate and get in the work that they feel their teams need. They can script situations that are needed to be worked on. The teams also can go with live game action during these practices as well. Hitting another team is a heck of a lot different than hitting your teammate week after week. These joint practices also allow coaches to get tape on some situations.

To generate revenue, the NFL is considering adding two more playoff teams. This would create a whole bunch of income. There is no better time than the NFL Playoff Season. If your team is in the tournament, your anxiety and excitement rise above no other level. You would do everything in your power to buy merchandise and tickets to the game. This raises the revenue big time for the NFL. They could easily make up the missed revenue from 2 preseason games just by adding two more playoff teams.

The NFL should give consideration to this article. Losing two preseason games will not hurt you, as an organization, as much as you think. You never know, it may increase your product. The only other thing I suggest, if you do cut preseason games, do not add regular season games. That may harm your product.

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