Dallas Cowboys rookie Nolan Carroll
Nolan Carroll - DB, Dallas Cowboys

Dallas, Texas – As Memorial Day came to an end, one of the newest faces on the Dallas Cowboys introduced himself to his new city. And boy did he Nolan Carroll introduce himself in a big way. They say first impressions are everything. Well, this impression isn’t very impressive.

Monday morning, Dallas PD arrested Nolan Carroll for suspicion of driving intoxicated. DallasCowboys.com reports that Carroll was pulled over in Dallas for a traffic violation. He was eventually arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated. Carroll was able to post bond. Dallas PD released him Monday afternoon.

Management sees one clear benefit in Nolan Carroll: That he is able to fill holes left by Brandon Carr, and Morris Claiborne’s departure. With the skill set that Carroll possesses, he may do just that. Above all, his experience can also show the younger players how to get better. These are just possible benefits Carroll brings to the Dallas Cowboys.

However, as OTAs have just begun, we have yet to find out what Nolan Carroll can do.  What we do know, is that there needs to be more education for the players on personal conduct. One thing is certain, management seems to be patient with this situation. But, that can change with repeat offenses.

Management Staying Silent On The Situation

According to DallasCowboys.com, Jason Garrett had this to say about any punishment: “We don’t want to discuss any internal discipline. We’ll take the situation one day at a time. He’s been very accountable about the situation from the start.” If anything, the team will fine him, or give him a slap on the wrist.  DWI is a difficult topic to deal with when constantly in the public eye.

Regardless of what happens in the end, losing a player of Carroll’s importance may hinder the defense’s development and chemistry.  As the draft progressed, the Dallas Cowboys brought in some younger faces. However, every second spent by these players and coaches on the practice field would be more beneficial. Nolan Carroll is a player that many view as an important piece to the team’s puzzle. Look for the management, coaches, and players to pull together through this situation. Also, look for Jason Garrett and other veterans to show Nolan Carroll how to behave better. Additionally, look for Carroll to come out of this a better player, if not stronger person.

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