The Joker at Six Flags Great America
The Joker - Six Flags Great America

I have never been a fan of the duplicate rides that Six Flags features at their numerous parks. However, after a trip to Six Flags Great America, I might have to change my stance on at least the Joker 4D.

The coaster did not grab my attention at first. I have already stated my dislike for the copycat Six Flags attractions, but after a little convincing, I tried it. Moreover, trust me, this coaster will not disappoint.

The Joker 4D free-fly coaster was one of the most intense rides I have ever got to ride. It is easy to see why the numerous Six Flags have adopted the ride at so many of their locations across the United States.

While I am still not too thrilled about the same ride being at so many other parks, I need to give the ride the credit it deserves.

S&S Worldwide designed Joker 4D. This same company has manufactured such rides as Mumbo Jumbo and El Loco. Similar to both of these S&S creations, Joker 4D is a compact ride that does not take up much space.

The ride experience is quite exhilarating. You are flipped 360 degrees at least two times (That was my personal best on the ride experience) all while moving along a winding track.

There are two sides to the coaster, purple and green. I only rode the purple track on my two rides.

With its numerous spins, Joker 4D has the feel of a flat ride. The oval shaped coaster track the cars move through is the only exception. Rather than a freestanding ride with no track. You are sitting across from other riders in a wing coaster formation.

Also worth taking into consideration is the awesome theming around the ride. Set underneath a red and white circus tent, the Joker 4D is extremely beautiful to look at.

The carnival of villains signs along the coaster queue that shows off some of Batman’s greatest foes is also a highlight.

I am a huge fan of the Joker 4D coaster at Six Flags Great America. From the awesome theme to the intense force, you feel on the ride, it is a true winner.

The only criticism I will give is the length of the ride, and the amount of full 360 spins you get per ride. Otherwise, it is a perfect coaster.


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