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Obamacare: Maybe Healthcare Is Finally on the Mend!


January 24, 2017

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With the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States comes a thought that maybe a broken healthcare system is finally going to be on the mend.

Donald J. Trump took his oath of office on January 20, 2017 and now many of his constituents are waiting for him to call for the repeal of Obamacare, which is seen as being one of the worst pieces of legislation ever.

Obamacare was supposed to be affordable to taxpayers and lucrative for medical professionals and insurers. None of those things came to pass.

How We Know the Affordable Care Act Is Simply NOT Affordable

While we do know that the federal deficit increased by more than $10 trillion during Obama’s two terms in office, growing from $10.6 trillion when Obama took the oath of office in 2008 to $29.3 trillion last year – and that number is probably now at least $2 trillion higher. Much of that debt is attributed to government’s funding of Obamacare, which is totally unacceptable, and now insurance companies are pulling out because they are not making the profits they had projected.

Those that are staying to provide coverage are hiking their premiums and deductibles so that the middle class worker is simply unable to afford to use the coverage they can barely pay for. More and more small business owners are saying their portion of payments are putting them out of business and it is a mess all the way around.

Did Obamacare Add to the Shortage of Medical Personnel?

If you are currently enrolled in an online BSN degree program from universities like Rutgers Online, you may be wondering why there is such a shortage of qualified nurses and doctors. You love your courses, are learning great things that excite you for the future of medicine and yet, there is a severe shortage of medical personnel across the board. Did Obamacare, and the high costs, affect the numbers of students entering the field and did such bad numbers dissuade potential students from entering the field?

It is still too early in the new administration to get any idea of whether or not numbers of professionals will increase in the years ahead, but one thing is for certain, if healthcare is fixed and becomes truly affordable to the average person, the system may see an influx of new professionals entering the field.

Can You Conclude Anything at All This Early in the Game?

If you were to try to draw any conclusions from what you know about a broken healthcare system, you might believe that if it truly becomes more affordable to taxpayers and lucrative for professionals, new students may seek a bachelor of science in nursing. The only thing left to do at this point in time is to express our hopes to the new administration that something is done to make healthcare affordable to the middle class in the United States, and lucrative enough to attract more doctors and nurses. That is a tall order, but Trump might just pull it off.

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