OGF Slick

It is very unusual to see someone excelling in multiple fields, that too at a very young age. However, OGF Slick is a successful artist who is not just an excellent fashion designer but a great rapper and real estate investor as well. The very talented young entrepreneur hails from Baltimore, Maryland. 

Undoubtedly, he is an inspiration for everyone who knows about him and his struggles since childhood. 

It is not even too close to easy to run three businesses that too successfully and simultaneously but

OGF’s multitasking skills and endless efforts let him achieve so much so quickly. It is a very motivating yet very shocking fact that he began his career as a fashion designer as early as when he was only 14. He has his clothing brand called, “Gifted Misfit”. The thought behind this name is OGF Slicks’s belief that everyone is different from others. This motto reflects the vision and style of OGF that he is different from others and likewise, it applies to all the people as well. 

Beginning the career at such a young age and then nailing it in all aspects is not just because of his luck but a major role is played by his laborious personality, entrepreneurial mindset, and mainly his consistent efforts. His brand also represents the same thing that the key to success is dedication and consistency and OGF himself did the same throughout his journey. This is what most of his designs show and therefore people love his brand and wear them. 

He further polished his fashion designing skills by learning graphic courses from high school. His friend QtheVisionary , the photographer, helped him in the shooting of his clothing brand and soon he took his brand to another level where he is recognized as one of the professional fashion designers who is a super genius and has the best taste of style. 

Moreover, his multi-talented personality does not limit him to fashion designing only. His portfolio is further extended as he is a musical artist as well. His rap songs are appreciated and loved by his audience. His main focus is the hip hop genre and he has produced some of the best rap songs of all time. Currently, his audience is expecting a new song by him, and to fulfill their promise, OGF Slick is releasing one too. His new song features LorTie DaBeast and his fans love the duo. The track is named,” Run It Up” set to release in this year only. 

OGF Slick’s whole life is the epitome of inspiration. He also invested in real estate and by now is also known as one of the successful real estate investors. He worked hard to set up his real estate company called Noah Ark Investments. The company helps the interested buyers to invest their money wisely. OGF uses social media to connect to like-minded people and also makes people aware of the companies he runs. 

His thoughtful approach towards his work and clear vision brought him so much fame and success. The world should learn from him that nothing is impossible if you work for it with full dedication and consistency. You should follow him on social media to keep up with updates about his new clothing collections, upcoming songs, and real estate investments, https://instagram.com/ogf_slick?utm_medium=copy_link.


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