Those who rarely shop online may not know the magic of promotional codes, coupon codes and others, but most of us know the regular old paper coupons. The irony is that even some online shoppers don’t know the basic difference between, promotional codes, coupon codes and discount coupons.

If you happen to be among these people, we are here with a quick go-to guide to learn the difference between these types of coupons.

Before jumping on to the differences, first look at the similarities to understand why people are confused about these coupons.

What is similar between promotional codes and paper coupons?

Coupons and promotional codes both are an amazing money saving tool while shopping. We use both to get a particular amount or percent discount on the price of the product we purchase. There can be a “buy one get one free” offer with the coupon as well.

Both have a purpose of attracting customers to make a purchase with a reduced price. So, in a way, both have some things in common.

Dissimilarities between promo codes and coupons

If we talk about the difference, it in the physical characteristics. While coupons are paper material piece that consists of the deal and the details are mentioned on it, on the other hand, promotional codes are just a combination of numbers and letters that can be applied while shopping mostly online.

Promo codes care about the environment

The traditional coupons are made with paper and ink to reach its physical form. On the other hand, digital coupon codes don’t need any tangible formation. So indeed, promotional codes are more eco-conscious option.

Chances of misplacement

Coupons made of paper can be lost easily as you can misplace them. With digital promotional codes, there is no way you can lose them. Especially, the in-app coupon codes stay in the app as an offer you until the validity of the offer ends.

Here paper coupons win 

When it comes to physical attractiveness, the traditional coupons win the race by a huge difference. Promotional codes are just texts so there is nothing appealing about them.

Sharing is easy with promotional codes

Promotional codes are shared to a thousand people together as there can be mass usage, unlike paper coupons which can’t be shared and can be used by an individual only.

Users can discus about these promotional codes through blogs on the brand’s site, which is not possible in case of paper coupons.

What future technology can do?

There can be numerous differences between the two types of coupons, but technology is playing an essential part in making both of them useful in one or the other way.

Digital discount codes stored in a mobile phone can be used by scanning them in a physical store in your city. Whether it is promotional code, digital discount code or a paper coupon, all of them are into then coupons category and all of them have one objective – To provide discount on the original price of a product, so that the customer can buy it on a reduced pricing.

So, we can conclude that whether it is online shopping or offline shopping, all of it is going to come together in the future. There would very little or no difference between the two and customers would have an option to switch between the two easily to enjoy savings on shopping.


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